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Q: Who is Albert L White and what is the history of his business A L White MFG Co?
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16 gauge pump gun mfg by Stevens arms 106-99 history?

this gun is a 16gauge pump mfg. by Stevens arms. would like some history on gun

Grand Rapids artcraft mfg co when was it in business?

1959 , 1963

Silver pitcher with the markings f mrr s English silver mfg cohr need a history?

This is about 1950 from Brooklyn, NY - SilverPlate - English silver Mfg Corp.

Did albert pick and co sell china to the vinoy hotel?

Yes . . . They furnished dishes mfg by Fraunfelter China Co Ohio . . .

Have pt fa mfg cocolt 45 sa9477 when was it mfg?

mfg. about 1875

When was the Squires Bingham Mfg 22 caliber Rifle model 11 produced?

The company is still in business.

What happened to Paterson brass mfg co?

what happened to Paterson brass mfg. mfg

What does mfg mean on a lot of products?

Mfg. means "manufacturing".

What does mfg stand for?

Mfg is an abbreviation for Manufacturing that is used in the name of a company.Example: Fortner Engineering & Mfg

What is MFG in roman number?

MFG as a Roman numeral doesn't exist

What is the history and value of a Winchester 30 30 model 94 serial number 2544754?

Mfg. in 1962. Value depends on condition.

When was Hyperlite Wake Mfg. created?

Hyperlite Wake Mfg. was created in 1985.

What is the History of hoban model 45 22 caliber rifle?

Hoban Mfg. Co. succeeded the Hamilton Rifle Co. in the late 1800s. It made the boys rifle you ask about from 1945-49. If you sold enough of White Clover salve, you could get one for free.

What is a small white square pill with BP on one side and 40 on the other one?

BP means it was mfg by Boca Pharmacal

Is there a way to track the history of a Glenfield Model 60 22 cal rifle?

if you are asking to find who else has owned it then no , now with a serial number and some minior research you can find out alot of other things like place of mfg.,batch number.,year of mfg.,etc

History and age of a Glenfield Model 10 serial 71324221?

The first two digits in the serial are your year of mfg. Your Model 10 was made in 1970.

What does Colt pt fa mfg mean?

pt (patent) fa (firearms) mfg (manufacturer)

What is a High Standard Mfg Corp Hamden Conn USA 22 Cal-103 with white plastic grips worth?

20-150 or so

What happened to Feeny Vacuum Mfg?

They appear to have gone out of business. I don't know if they might have been purchased by someone else, but they definitely don't appear to be in current production.

What is the abbreviation for manufacturing?


What is Mfg an abbreviation for?


What is the abbreviation of manufaturing?


What is the MFG?

Manufacturer- who made it.

What is abbreviation for manufacturing?


What is the symbol for Espey Mfg and Electronics Corp in the AMEX?

The symbol for Espey Mfg. & Electronics Corp. in the AMEX is: ESP.

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