Who is Buddha?

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The Buddha grew up a prince in India. Until he was a young man,

he had never encountered aging or death. When he happened to hear a

story of a servant's death, he became very disillusioned about his

posh life. Leaving the palace and his princely lifestyle, he began

his historic journey towards enlightenment. He tried all the

methods of worship, but in vain. At last, He sat below 'A bodhi

tree' for 6 days and attained enlightenment. Thus was born Buddhism

or Buddhadhamma. Taking on 5 disciples, called the Bodhisattva, He

aided others on the path of enlightenment. His highest teachings

are that any that seeks enlightenment is a Buddhist. His intention

was not to be worshipped or idolized in any way. Only to follow his

example and that was all He desired for any creature seeking the

place He had attained.

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