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Who is Celine Oliver?


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September 13, 2011 4:59PM

If you get an email from Celine Oliver who is in Nigeria, please know that this is a scam to get you to send money. Read the information at the following site:

Basically, you would get a letter such as this:"From: Celine Oliver <>


Date: Monday, October 29, 2007, 7:00 AM

Hello , Good Morning, how are you doing today and how was your Night, well.......i have one secret that i have been hiding from you and i think it is time for me to open up and let you know the second thing that makes me to come down to western Nigeria and i want you to keep this secret between us, coz you have prove to me that you are Man of your words, i find you as an Honest, understanding, loyal, trustwordly, and A Man whoi believe i can spend the rest of my life with without having any problem, i want you to pls listen to me and am doing all this because of you, i want us to plan for our future,well........I am writing to tell you more about myself and the Boxes,I will be very happy if you can be able to help me with this because I don't want to get rub in the plane again as before..My late father won a Contract in wester Africa and then he came down to wester Africa with the sum of $9.1million,But Unforuniately my mom and dad got an accident which lead them to their death but before my father died,he told me about the Money and he gave me the Code Number to the Boxes..... I was thinking about getting Investment here.but things are not good here and the country is very local,so I took the money and my travelling boxes and deposited it with a Security/Insurance Company here in Africa in order to safe myself and my assets. run myself when I get to the States,so that is why i need your gesture assistance.i might got setup if I did Inform the security company about the money, so for me to be more safe and secure, I put this money in a box and got it locked up with a security code known to me only, and I deposited the box with my travelling luggages with a Security and Insurance Company who render private diplomatic delivery service and i told them that the three boxes are my travelling luggage, which I want to send forth to U.S.A because I'm returning home, then i paid them up their custody and security fee, but I did not tell them that the boxes contain money in order to make everything secure and safe. So, I want the boxes send to you while i catch up with you as soon as it is been delivered to you while come over to meet you, Every arrangement for the delivery is kinda perfect, I have already obtained customs papers for private freight and there are seals on the box showing that it is a private delivery and check performed, it is free from customs checks, it will be delivered at your door step by the diplomats of the security company, you do not need to burn out to receive it. And the boxes have security codes lock known to me only, only me can open the boxes, except if I tell anyone the Code, so the Boxes cannot be opened on the Way of delivery to you.i have given your contact address to the security company to get the Box delievery to you and am still waiting for there Calls now to know if the Box is about to move to state before i get my flight Booked now to you, am at the Airport right now waiting for there Calls to know if everything is in other, coz i don't want to have any problem with this Box,Once I get there,we can shall invest the money together and start dealing, provided you will not disappoint neither take advantage of me. I hereby promise 20% of the total fund for you to meet any personal needs and I can get something done with the balance.I am counting on you with trust and I will appreciate your trust towards this and hoping to hear from you and to meet you inperson.I will be looking forward to hear from really sorry for keeping this from you, i want to know if you really love me and you want to spend the rest of your life with me and i can see now that you are the right Man of my life and i promise to be Honest with you, i really love you so much and i cant wait to meet you in person, you are important to me and i really appreciate all what you have done for me in life, i will be looking forward to hear from you.........Thanks so much.......Celine"

Please do not respond. And go even further as to block this person from your computer. There are many scams coming in from Nigeria, and many people have contributed to the "cause" because "Celine" talks a good talk. Do not fall for this.