Who is Paul Harris?

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Paul Harris is an inventor, magician, and writer. Described by the magic magazine Genii (December 1996) as "the most innovative magic mind of our day" and is listed in Magic magazine (August 1999) as one of "the 100 [magicians] who shaped the art [of magic] in America". He has invented many original tricks including: "Linking playing cards", "a solid deck", a torn and restored card effect, coins materializing from mirrors, a card that appears to turning ninety degrees when pushed into the pack, and a torn and restored quarter. Magic magazine (August 1999) states that "the feats of astonishments that Paul creates and teaches are in the repertoires of a multitude of working pros". Harris has performed at the Dunes Hotel and at other locations on the Las Vegas Strip and was a technical advisor for David Blaine's Magic Man and Street Magic TV shows. He also contributed writing to the 1987 film Nice Girls Don't Explode, which starred Starring Michelle Meyrink, William O'Leary, Wallace Shawn, James Nardini, and Margot Gray. Paul Harris is a 6

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Q: Who is Paul Harris?
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