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Who is Robert Wieder?

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Robert Wieder has written: 'The great American convertible' -- subject(s): Automobiles, History 'Le Docteur Johnson, critique litteraire, 1709-1784'

Anna Marie Wieder is 5' 8".

Dominik Wieder was born on February 7, 1988.

'Morgen bin ich wieder ...' means 'tomorrow I'll be ... (again)'. Examples: Morgen bin ich wieder hier. - Tomorrow I'll be back (again). Morgen bin ich wieder da. - Tomorrow I'll be there (again). Morgen bin ich wieder zuhause. - Tomorrow I'll be home (again).

Hanne Wieder was born on May 8, 1925, in Hannoversch Mnden, Germany.

The duration of Alle Jahre wieder - film - is 1.45 hours.

Hanne Wieder died on May 11, 1990, in Feldafing, Bavaria, Germany of cancer.

Alle Jahre wieder - film - was created in 1967.

The cast of Hanne Wieder singt - 1967 includes: Franz Deuber as himself Max Greger as himself Hanne Wieder as Herself - Singer

ich will mein wieder makes no sense in German. It translates as I want my again.

Anna Marie Wieder was born on July 30, 19??, in Dallas, Texas, USA.

The cast of Wieder frei - 1998 includes: Jane Beeker as herself

Although grammatically incorrect ich bin nicht hier wieder literally translates as I am not here again

bist du eigentlich schon wieder in deutschland means are you actually already back in Germany

Alle Jahre wieder - 1967 is rated/received certificates of: West Germany:16 (f)

Schreib' bald wieder Baby, ich vermisse DichorSchreib' bald wieder Baby, Du fehlst mir

The cast of Alles wieder still - 1998 includes: Paul Herwig as Mann Rena Zednikova as Frau

The cast of Berlin kommt wieder - 1951 includes: Marion Degler Ilse Lucke Otz Tollen

Ich bin gleich wieder da - 1939 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:K-16

Das kommt nicht wieder - 1958 is rated/received certificates of: West Germany:6 (f)

Alan Wieder has written: 'Voices from Cape Town Classrooms: Oral Histories of Teachers Who Fought Apartheid (History of Schools and Schooling :, V. 39)'

Sol Wieder has written: 'Introduction to Solar Energy for Scientists and Engineers' 'An introduction to solar energy for scientists and engineers' -- subject(s): Solar energy

Es wird alles wieder gut - 1957 is rated/received certificates of: West Germany:12

Lass die Sonne wieder scheinen - 1955 is rated/received certificates of: West Germany:6

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