Who is Roland Carnaby?

ROLAND VINCENT CARNABY (1956-2008) American spy and CIA officer who specialized in the Middle East and Lebanese studies. Son of an American diplomat to Lebanon and businessman (Vincent KARNABE). Owner of Karnabe Shipping a successful magnate for the middle eastern shipping business. Alleged double life sharing consulting in the shipping industry with Intelligence. Subpoenaed for the CIA's controversial kidnapping and torture program extraodinary rendition. After a routine traffic stop in Houston Texas in April 2008, Roland Carnaby, fled police after he was convinced of a cover up and believed he had been set up to acquire names and identities to the CIA program. After running out of gas and while reaching for a cellphone, Carnaby was shot and was thought to be reaching for a weapon. Despite controversy around his identity and his death a former U.S. President and CIA Director attended his services. During investigations after his death Wayne Madsen, investgative journalist uncovered and revealed posthumously that Carnaby was a member of the CIA's Clandestine Service and had been in charge of Port Security and employee services contract. In 2010, the Roland Carnaby scholarship was announced for deserving students in national security studies.