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Who is Solomon?

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January 25, 2014 2:03PM

(Sol′o‧mon) [from a root meaning "peace"].

Son of King David of the line of Judah; king of Israel from 1037

to 998 B.C.E. The Bible record, after reporting the death of the

son born to David through his illicit relations with Bath-sheba,

continues: "And David began to comfort Bath-sheba his wife.

Further, he came in to her and lay down with her. In time she bore

a son, and his name came to be called Solomon. And Jehovah himself

did love him. So he sent by means of Nathan the prophet and called

his name Jedidiah, for the sake of Jehovah." (2Sa 12:24, 25)

Solomon later had three full brothers, sons of David and

Bath-sheba: Shimea, Shobab, and Nathan.-1Ch 3:5.

Islamic answer

And to Dawud(David) We gave Sulai'man(Solomon). How excellent a

slave! Verily, he was ever oft returning in repentance (to Us)!

And Sulai'man inherited (the knowledge of) Dawud. He said: "O

mankind! We have been taught the language of birds, and on us have

been bestowed all things. This, verily, is an evident grace (from


And there were gathered before Sulai'man his hosts of jinns and

men, and birds, and they were all set in battle order (marching

forwards). (27:15-17 Quran).


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Solomon is black not white.

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