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It depends. Parking lots are private property so the usual rules of the road don't apply. In some states it is 50-50 as far as who's At Fault, because both drivers have a responsibility to watch for other drivers. Do not admit fault and let the insurance companies handle it.

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Q: Who is at fault in an accident where a vehicle backing out of a parking spot strikes a vehicle that is speeding through the parking lot?
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In California who is at fault in an accident where a vehicle backing out of a parking spot strikes a vehicle that is already backed up and about to leave forward?

The person backing out I am asuming other person has finished reversing and is leaving if I understood correctly

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Who is at fault in an accident where a vehicle is backing out of a parking spot and strikes a vehicle that is turning into the parking lot in Texas?

If my memory serves me correctly, it would be the fault of the driver who was in reverse if that driver struck the other car mostly on its broad side. After all, the driver who is pulling out of a parking lot has the right-of-way as opposed to someone in a parking spot. As far as an insurance claim goes the drivers would have to have insurance, and the driver who was struck would want to make sure they were driving within the bounds of the law (such as observing posted speed limits, stop signs, direction arrows,etc.).Hope this helps.

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