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Yahoo! Search is the best! And you can also use Google Search if you want. And you could use Bing and try it and see if you like it.

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Q: Who is better Bing or Google?
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Is Bing Way Better Than Google?

Yes Bing Way Better Than Google.

What do you think is better Google or bing?

I think Google is better than Bing because it has a cleaner interface.

Do you like Google or bing better?

Of course Google.

Is Bing better than Google?


Which is the better search engine to use with opera bing or Google?


What is the difference between motto and proverbs?

google it or bing bing it better

What happens to be better bing or Google?

Well obviously Google!

Why is Bing better than Google?

It isn't!

Why does bing think that it is so much better than Google?

Its not, Bing thinks it is.

Should Mr Lestini admit that Bing is better than Google?

well, mr. lestini said that bing stole google's search results. he said that google is better, he never said that bing was better, so there is no reason to admit it.

Is Google better than Bing?

Google has a vastly larger following, Bing is tiny in comparison. People tend to prefer Google, so I would say Google is better than Bing. Google is a great search engine as it searches for anything it can possibly can.

Which search engine is better Google or Bing?

opinion 1: I think Bing is better, but that's my opinion. opinion 2: I prefer Google. I think it has the most and best links.

Does Bing mean but its not Google?

Bing is Microsoft. Google is Google

Is Google or bing better?

Google is better because it has more search and relevant results that will appear to the keywords that you quire. Furthermore, Google Search has been created long time ago while Bing is only in 2009 by Microsoft. And Bing is kinda on Beta now.

Does Bing stand for Bing Is Not Google?

bing stands for: because it's not Google

Google or Bing translate better?

it is definitelygoogle i translated a whole book with it

How much does a pharmicist make?

Bing Google bing Google wiki dnt help bing mi Google

Are bing or avasearch or cuil better than Google?

It is personal opinion really but I think Google is the best.

What is best web Google or bing?

google because bing has not got alot ANSWER GOOGLE

Who would win Google or bing?


Why is yahoo better than Bing?

google chrome,yahoo,internet explorer

What are the 4 NETS for better Internet searching?

Google Bing Ask and Yahoo

What does bing bing mean?

bing means because its not google

Why is bing named bing?

Bing = Because it's not Google.

Why is bing called bing?

because its not Google