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Who is in the wrong if your partner gets upset because you won't tell her secrets that mutual friends have confided to you in the past?


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Everyone has their own opinion. Personally I would be a little bugged as well, and from past experience.. when I haven't told my boyfriend something before he has got a little upset too but not made a huge deal about it. He usually gets over it sooner.. although I seem to stay annoyed for slightly longer. Alot of girls are like that, and show their possessive side more than guys do. Most guys don't like to admit they're possessive. Anyhow, keep showing your girl that you love her and nothing else matters.. and its eventually upto you to decide whether you should still keep things from her or not! She is wrong! When someone confides in you it's private and thus it should stay with you and not be gossiped about and that includes your mate! If friends have told me confident things about their lives I don't say a word to my husband (or anyone else) and he does the same thing. It's an oath to me and no one will get that information out of me! That person trusted you and you owe them. Answer If someone confides in you or even if you learn of something about a friend or loved one it should never ever be repeated to ANYONE. Just think of yourself in the position of the one who confided in you or the person that the information is regarding and think of how you would feel if you were betrayed with the information. It is just wrong and becomes gossip at the point where the information is shared. It must begin with good character, respect of yourself and others, and honoring what is right and wrong and you won't ever be tempted to share secrets that shouldn't be shared and you won't be tempted to gossip. A person who can do this is a good person who everyone would want as a friend or a mate and should be respected.