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The neighbor is responsible for his own property. If your tree fell on his house, he is responsible for the damage. That is how homeowners insurance works. * No one is "legally" responsible if it was a result of a natural occurrance. The neighbor whose tree fell and damaged the other person's property cannot be held accountable for a situation that was not in his or her control. If the tree fell as a result of a storm, the person whose property was damaged should claim it on their homeowner's insurance is possible. If it fell and damaged property due to it being trimmed or removed, the liability lies with the person who was taking the action. It would be a nice gesture if the neighbor who owned the tree agreed to share the damage cost, but in the majority of cases he or she cannot be held legally liable.

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Q: Who is legally responsible if a tree falls on a neighbor's fence?
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If your fence falls on neighbors property and there is damage are you responsible?

Yes, if you were negligent in the maintenance of the fence. Otherwise, the neighbor's company will pick up the tab. If it is a shared fence both companies will share equally in the cost to repair or replacement of the fence with a reduction of the deductible by 50% for each owner.

Are both neighbors responsible for rebuilding a common fence that was damaged by a storm?

Yes, if it is the responsibility of both neighbors. However, the neighbors could also agree not to rebuild it.

When a tree limb falls on a fence who is responsible to remove the tree limb?


Can you stain your fence if you have neighbors on all sides who share the same fence?

Ask your neighbors if they care.

What is the policy or responsibility for neighbors if a shared fence falls down?

The most agreeable position would be for the neighbors to each contribute half of the cost to a mutually agreed-upon replacement.

If a tree in my backyard falls and does damage to neighbors privacy fence is my HO insurance liable for all costs or is his?

No, His insurance will cover his fence. Your home insurance is specific to your property and no one is liable for an act of nature,

Are you liable if your fence falls on your neighbors car during a hurricane?

No, nobody is liable for an act of nature. Your neighbors will have to look to their own Comprehensive Auto Insurance to cover windstorm damages to their vehicle

Can Neighbors legally trap your cats?

If the cat is on their property or anywhere on their yard, then they can trap the cat. If it is on the sidewalk in front of the house, or on the fence between your house and their house, then no, they can't trap your cat legally.

When replacing a common fence who is responsible for payment?

Neither is responsible.If you want to replace the fence and the neighbor doesnt than you cant legally touch it. If the neighbor gives consent to rebuild the fence its his or her choice if they want to split the cost or not. So basically whoever wants the fence replaced is responsible for payment.

Can I attach a fence to my neighbors fence?

No, you have no right to attach a fence to your neighbor's fence unless you have her written permission.

Are you solely responsible to pay for damages if a tree in your yard falls into your neighbor's yard and damages his fence?

No. Mother Nature would be the "responsible" party. The homeowner is not "liable" for acts of nature.Your homeowners insurance is not responsible for a natural act that causes damage to property of another. Your neighbors fence is not listed as covered property on your Homeowners policy.If a tree falls on your neighbors property the neighbors insurance coverage would invoke, it does not matter where the tree came from. Likewise if a tree falls on your property due to a natural occurrence your own homeowners insurance policy would cover you.AnswerIf the tree was healthy and you had no complaints from your neighbor and a wind storm came up and blew it over you may have a nice enough neighbor that will share the cost of a new fence.AnswerAccording to my insurance agent, so long as there is no negligence on the part of the tree owner it is an "Act of Nature". Thus the fence owner would need to pay to make repairs if they want it fixed. My insurance covers me if my neighbor's tree falls on my house. I can't imagine the company paying for anything that they could make someone else pay for.

Who pays for fence when damaged by neighbors trees during thunderstorm?

I was raised to the fact that the owner of the fence is to mend the fence but good neighbors would often chip in with work or meterials

If your neighbors fence fence falls on your car is he liable?

Yes. You should have taken photos. They are the best evidence. You should get a couple of fair estimates for repairing the damage and send them to your neighbor with a nice letter informing them of the incident.

Are neighbors allowed to sit on the fence bordering each property?

Yes, if they own the fence.

Can you attach a fence post to the neighbors house wall?

No. You would require permission from them. No Permission No Fence.

How far from my neighbors property line and from the road can i put a fence?

The fence cannot be outside your property line.

What can you do if your fence is three feet into your neighbors yard?

ask if he's ok with it, move the fence back, etc

What are the release dates for The Torkelsons - 1991 Fence Neighbors 1-1?

The Torkelsons - 1991 Fence Neighbors 1-1 was released on: USA: 21 September 1991

Who is responsible for fixing a fence?

The owner of the fence or the owner of the property on which it stands.

Can I paint a neighbors fence that is facing my property but on his property line?

No, you cannot. The fence is the property of your neighbor and you have no right to paint it.

What is the name of the metal fence that falls after the draw bridge of a castle falls?

Portcullis .

How do you keep the neighbors goats away?

Build a goat proof fence

When installing a chain link fence between properties does the post go on your side or your neighbors?

Usually the posts go on the side of the fence of the person installing it. This is especially true if you build a wooden fence. If the post are on the neighbors side then their kids could be climbing up and down on the fence. I personally would want this. Good luck.

Can planting be placed right next to a neighbors fence?

If the plants are on your property they may be planted along your neighbors fence. However, climbing plants that will grow over the fence cannot be planted along your neighbors fence. Caveat: Make sure your neighbor has not installed the fence "inside" their property line so it lies a short distance FROM the property line. That is the practice in some areas and is required by the city ordinances in some areas. In that case, the land along the fence would belong to your neighbor. You need to determine where the property line is located and not assume the fence is on the property line.

Can you remove a fence that is being shared between two neighbors?

My neighbor would like to remove the fence that we share in our backyard. Is he allowed to remove the neighboring fence without my approval?