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You will definitely want a statement from witnesses, but typically the moving vehicle is responsible, as they have the most control of their vehicle, speed and obsticles.

Unless there was malicious negligence on your side, you should be in the clear from a fault standpoint.

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Who is liable for damages from an hit-and-run unlicensed driver and the insured owner of the vehicle was the passenger?

Both the Driver and the Owner are liable for the damages. The driver, whether licensed or not is the primarily liable party. The insured passenger owner is secondarily liable for damages by the unlicensed driver he permitted to operate his vehicle.

Who is liable if your underage son drives your car?

The owner of the vehicle is going to be held liable for any damages caused by the underage driver.

What happens if the driver who is not at fault for an accident does not have insurance in California?

Typically, the uninsured driver will be cited for it, and your insurance co. is liable for the damages.

If you hit an unlicensed driver will your insurance pay for damages to his car?

This will depend on the type of insurance coverage. The insurance company can decide to go to court and argue that since the driver was uninsured, then they should not be liable for damages.

New driver gets into accident with friends car with no insurance friend only has GDL who's liable for damages to both cars?

If it was your fault then your freind is liable for the damages. If it was the other guys fault then his insurance will pay for it. Keep in mind, while legally it is the owners responsibility for the damages, he can sue you if he wanted to.

What happens if you have no insurance and the other driver is at fault in South Carolina and the driver at fault does have insurance?

You will be cited for driving without insurance and the other driver being at fault, him and his insurance are still liable for damages.

What is the consequence to the driver who is at fault in a car accident?

Usually liable for all damages and injuries, and may be criminally charged if there is a resulting death.

Who is liable for damages that a thief causes?

The Thief is liable for the damages he causes. No one else. Take Care Insurance Plus

Who is liable in washington state if an insured licensed driver hits an insured vehicle with an unlicensed driver?

The at fault driver always has the primary liability for the damages they cause in an accident. (The guy who rams the other guy).

Can the other person be liable if your son was hit by a car while on his bike but did not use the ambulance to go to the hospital?

Yes, but bear in mind that a person (driver) is not automatically liable just because there was an accident There must be actual injury and or damages and the driver must be determined "At Fault" for the accident. Otherwise there is nothing for them to be liable for.

Are police liable for damages done to a car that was searched while it was impounded because of drug charges?

If no drugs were found and you were aquitted completely, then they are liable for damages.

What happens when an uninsured driver borrows a friend's uninsured car and gets into a wreck?

Both the uninsured driver and the friend are in trouble. My GUSS IS the uninsured friend will be liable to any damages he has caused The uninsured friend will be responsible for the damages to their car If insurance is required in your state, the uninsured friend and/or driver could face criminal charges

What is the concept of remoteness of damages?

In order to be held liable for damages in negligence or intentional tort, the damages usually have to be foreseeable. If you wet your walk before a freezing cold night, you would expect a person using the walk to slip and fall. If someone used your walk and was hit by a car whose driver lost control while drunk, you would not be liable. Or got hit by a meteorite.

What is a good sentence for the word liable in it?

You are liable to pay for the damages on your property because of your lack of insurance.

If driver a tells driver b that it is ok to turn left in front of driver a and driver b subsequently hits an oncoming driver c in the lane next to driver a is driver a liable for damages to driver c?

Left-turning vehicles are almost always liable for collisions with oncoming traffic. It is unlikely that driver C or driver B could win a court argument suggesting that driver B felt compelled to act under driver A's suggestion. It was, therefore, driver B's decision to act and will ultimately be responsible for damages to driver C. Cases where this may not be the case would be if driver A was a police officer or had some legal authority to compel driver B to act. But even in that case, it's highly unlikely that driver A would be determined to have any liability.

Will your insurance cover you if you drink and drive and get in an accident?

Yes, most likely. Review your policy to be sure. However, if the drunk driver caused damages in excess of his or her policy limit, the drunk driver can be held personally liable.

Can an insured driver still sue me after his car was fixed by his insurance?

It is more likely you will be sued by the insured driver's insurance company. Just because the other driver had insurance, that does not exonerate you from having to pay damages if you are liable.

If a tow truck tows your car out of your employers lot while it is legally parked there is this theft and is the towing company liable for damages they caused?

Yes it is theft and they are liable for damages

Who is liable for accidental damage?

The person or company who provided the equipment used would be responsible. If the directions for use of the equipment were not legible or understandable the provider of the equipment would be liable. If the accidental damage occurred on a road, the driver would be responsible unless the road was not maintained or the vehicle itself was faulty. The car manufacturer would be liable for damages. If the weather was to blame, insurance would have to cover the damages.

Who is Liable of personal vehicle used for job?

The driver and the owner is liable.

When drag racing or joyriding who is liable?

the driver and the owner is liable for anything

If an unlicensed uninsured minor driving a car with the owners permission has a parking lot accident is the owner liable or the minors parent?

The insurance company is not liable for paying damages. The minor was knowingly breaking the law by driving w/o a license. The parent of the child will be held liable for damages. As will the person/owner of the vehicle if they knew the minor was not a legally licensed driver. If you let an un liscensed/uninsured minor driver your vehicle, your asking for it. If you werent the parent of the minor, they could sue you as well for neglect.

Is the gas station liable for putting gas in a diesel fuel tank?

If the station attendant fueled the truck then yes. If it was fueled by the truck driver then of course not.

Who is liable for damages above the maximum limit on your policy when you are not the driver?

The driver of the vehicle would be considered as secondary. Say you own a car, and are insured with company X. You let a friend borrow your car, and they have insurance with company Y. If there is an accident that exceeds the limits of the policy for company X, then company Y would pay up to their policy limit to cover the remainder of the balance for damages. If the driver does not have their own insurance, then potentially both the driver and the vehicle owner could be sued and be responsible for damages.

If your vehicle was damaged during repossesion is the repo company liable?

Yes. If someone damages your property, they're liable.

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