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Louise Owen, Violin

Hailed by the Boston Globe as "a blindingly brilliant performer", The American Sinfonietta's violinist, Louise Owen, was born in California in 1973. She began her violin studies at the age of 3, made her debut four years later as soloist with the San Diego Civic Youth Orchestra, and went on to win many competitions throughout California. Ms. Owen received much of her musical training in Boston, earning both her Bachelor's and Master's of Music degrees by age 21 from the New England Conservatory. She studied violin with James Buswell and chamber music with Louis Krasner, Eugene Lehner, and Patricia Zander. Ms. Owen has won prizes in both the Coleman and the Carmel Chamber Music Competitions, and she has given solo and chamber music recitals throughout the United States and has done recital tours of Taiwan and Costa Rica. She is actively involved in contemporary music and has worked closely with leading composers of today, including John Harbison, Luciano Berio, and Mario Davidovsky.

Louise was the concertmaster of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra for two years and is currently a member of the American Sinfonietta. Ms. Owen currently resides in New York City, where she manages to be a gourmet cook and an avid film buff between gigs, and she is presently at work on her first novel. She made her on-stage Broadway debut in December in the smash hit "James Joyce's The Dead" with Christopher Walken.

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Q: Who is louise Owen?
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