Who is or was Neal Dow?

Okay, Neal Dow was a abolitionist who tried to and somewhat prohibited alcohol in Portland, Maine. He is also the creator of the "Neal Dow Law." Neal Dow was a Quaker, tanner and lumber magnate. He was also an ardent abolitionist, women's suffragist and, most importantly, prohibitionist. As mayor of Portland in 1851 (and again in 1855) he passed the "Maine Law", the nation's first prohibition law. 12 states followed suit with their own prohibition laws--basically the same wording as Dow's--with in a decade. The Volstead act, which outlawed alcohol nationally in 1919, was also based on Dow's "Maine Law". Dow organized the Maine 13th Regiment during the Civil War, rose to the rank of Brigadier General, and was later wounded and subsequently captured by the Confederates. He spent 8-10 months in Libby POW camp and was later exchanged for Robert E Lee's son. He ran for President in 1880 as the Prohibition Party candidate and garnered 10,000 votes. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Portland ME. He harbored a great animosity toward the Irish and Catholics.