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Who is the Greek God of Prophecy?



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The "theoi mantikoi" were the gods of oracles, divination and prophecy. These were led by Apollo, the god or oracles and seers, and Zeus, the god of fate. Other oracular gods included the Titanesses Phoeibe (at Delphi) Themis (at Delphi and Dodona), Dione (at Dodona) and Mnemosyne (at Lebadeia) Theia (Phthiotis in Thessaly) and Gaea (who had held Delphi and given it to Themis, who gave it to Phoeibe who have it to Apollo. The god Hermes presided over certain primitive forms of divination including the casting of stones, coin-throwing oracles, and astrology. Lastly Pan and the Nymphs inspired the rustic prophets Phanes made on tablets the astrological prophecies of time in the home of Helios. Also the Moirai, Proteus, Chiron, Rhea, Ouranos, Poseidon, Persephone and Hades (by dreams) showed aspects of prophecy.