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Who is the President of Taiwan?


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Ma Ying-Jeou is the president of Taiwan. He assumed office on May 20, 2008.
The current president of Taiwan is Ma Ying-jeou of the Kuomintang political party.
Ma Ying-Jeou


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The President of the Republic of China is usually informally referred to as the "President of Taiwan" The President of the Republic of China is Ma Ying Jiu

well, it depends what year of president, the president of 2009 is good!

Ma Ying-jeou is the current president.

The Presidents of Taiwan are Ma Ying-jeou and Tsai Ing-wen.

No. The current president of Taiwan is Ma Ying-Jeou. Jimmy Liao (Ji Mi), on the other hand, is a prominent Taiwanese illustrator or author. Not exactly the same thing.

Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Ranie Yang, they are all singers. Lin Chi-ling, Taiwan top model. Kuo Tai-ming, the richest person in Taiwan. Ma ing-jo, president of Taiwan. ........................ect

Sun Yat-Sen was the first leader of Taiwan with a term running for several months in 1912. He was the first president and the founding father of the Republic of China. He is unique in that he is revered deeply on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan officially operates under a presidential parliamentary system, a form of government in which a president and a prime minister are both active in political administrations.

He removed American ships from the coast of Taiwan.

president and chief operating officer; Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, 1987-, chairman and chief executive officer.

Taiwan is a democratic country. it has its own presidency election every four years. the recent election will be held on January, 2012 and the new president will succeed on May, 20

Ma Ying-Jeou is the president of Chinese Taipei (Republic Of China/Taiwan)

Taiwan was called Formosa before receiving its tittle as Taiwan.

currency in Taiwan is called the Taiwan dollar.

The currency of Taiwan is "New Taiwan Dollars or NTD".

taiwan is a country so there is no such thing as when was taiwan discoverd

Ma Ying Jo, the President of Republic of China, NOT People's Republic of China.

it's referred to as a "special State-to-State relationship" as first used by Taiwan's "President" Lee in 1999...

Taiwan IS a country. What do you mean by "Is there any countries in taiwan?"

Taiwan is not a capital it is a country, and the capital of Taiwan is Taipei

No. Taiwan has counties.

Taiwan and Mainland China is separated by the Taiwan Strait, which made it difficult for people to get to Taiwan.

Jiang Yi-huah is the President of the Executive Yuan of the Taiwan since 2013 to present.

As of 2013, the population of Taiwan is 23.34 million.Population in Taiwan is 23.461.708.

Taiwan is a state that is located in China. The capital city of Taiwan is Taipei. Taiwan covers an area of 1,664 square miles.

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