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Who is the most famous brain surgeon?

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Benjamin Carson appears to be the most famous brain surgeon. He was the first neurosurgeon to separate Siamese twins who were joined at the head.

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Is a brain surgeon same as a neurosurgeon?

yes a brain surgeon is the same as a neuro surgeon. its just another name for a brain surgeon

Who is the most famous black brain surgeon?

Dr Ben Carson from of John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore is the most famous African American brain surgeon in the world. He rose from poverty to become the most successful pediatric neurosurgeon specialising in separating conjoined twins and treating seizures. Read his full profiel here:

What is a brain surgeon?

A brain surgeon Is a doctor that specializes in knowing about and operating on the brain.

What is a brain surgeon in a year?

A brain surgeon in a year is a rate of brain surgeons to time.

What is the most difficult part of being a brain surgeon?

all of it....

Who is the best known brain surgeon?

I dont believe there is a "Best" brain surgeon.

Which gets paid more a flight nurse or a brain surgeon?

A brain surgeon.

What is the technical term for the brain?

a brain surgeon is also called a Neuro Surgeon and brain surgery is neurosurgery

Where does a brain surgeon make the most money?

From out-patient surgery centers!

What is a neurologic surgeon?

Basically a brain surgeon...

Should you be a heart surgeon or a brain surgeon?

niether be a toe surgeon

Is there a brain surgeon job in Ireland?

Yes there are brain surgeon jobs that come in Ireland.

What the tecnical term for brain surgeon?

Neuro Surgeon

What are the different medical surgeons?

cardiothoracic surgeon[heart surgeon] brain surgeon bone surgeon plastic surgeon

How much does a brain surgeon make a month?

A Brain surgeon makes 10, 000 a month

To be a brain surgeon what would you have to major in college?

what majors will i take in college to become a brain surgeon?

What makes more money a brain surgeon or heart surgeon?

I am a brain surgeon and i make a lot of money. Cardiac Surgeons get alot of money. Brain surgeons make only a little more than a Cardiac Surgeon.

What is the medical term meaning brain surgeon?

Neuro Surgeon.

What type of surgeon removes a brain clot?

A Neurovascular Surgeon

Is a neurosurgeon the same as a brain surgeon?

yes, a brain surgeon is the same thing as a neurosurgeon, it is just another way of saying it, but you don't see too many surgeons saying brain surgeon!

Brain surgeon facts?

a person who does brain surgery

What is the name of a doctor that removes a brain?

Brain surgeon

What are nuerosurgeons?

A brain surgeon.

What is a brian surgeon called?

The technical name for a brain surgeon is a neurosurgeon - the medicine regarding the brain is called neurology.

Which organs does not contain any pain receptors?

The most important one is the brain. A surgeon can do surgery on the brain while the patient is awake.

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