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Who is the owner of mainline taxi cab co Pennsylvania?

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Yehuda Avraham, David Lactner MD & Steve Surri

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What is are taxi cabs called in England?

Taxi and cab are same word for calling a vehicle. England called a taxi by name of a cab, black cab, london taxi.

What does yellow cab mean?

A cab is a taxi car.

What companies offer taxi services in Vancouver?

The compaines that offer taxi services in Vancouver are Yellow Cab, Dog Taxi, MacLure's Cabs, Taxi Fair, Clark County Cab, Vancouver Cabs, and Silver Star Cab Services.

How many allowed in a taxi cab?

As many as the cab can hold.

What are some cab service companies in Toronto?

There are many cab service companies in Toronto. Some of these are Beck Taxi, Royal Taxi, City Taxi, Co-op Cabs, Crown Taxi, Kingboro Taxi, and Maple Leaf Taxi.

Where can one buy a taxi meter?

One can buy a taxi meter from a number of local car accessories dealers. However a taxi meter can also be bought from online stores such as Taxi cab supply and Taxi Cab Electronics.

Is the CAB means Taxi?


What is the other name of cab?


Can you own your own taxi cab in Houston Texas?

I want to drive my own taxi cab in the Houston or Katy Texas area.

What is difference between taxi and cab?

They mean the same A handsome cab was horse drawn. A taxi could have been water transportation.

What taxi cabs have that regular cars dont?

meters and taxi cab drivers

Whats the most popular taxi service in Phoenix, AZ?

There are a few very popular taxi services in Phoenix, AZ. Some of these include Yellow Cab, Allstate Cab Company, Ejecutivos Taxi, and VIP Taxi.

What equipment is needed to start taxi cab business?

Taxi cabs, a large building, and payment systems are needed to start a taxi cab business. You will also need equipment like radios.

Another name for a water taxi?


What was the name of the cab company on Taxi?


What rhymes with dogs taxi?

Lab cab

What is a taxi cab customer called?


How do you stop a taxi in London?

Look for a black cab with a yellow "TAXI" sign on the roof illuminated. Wave your arm at the cab, and it will stop right next to you.

What is a hink pink for a dreary or dull colored cab?

drab cab, waxy taxi

How much is a taxi?

A London Taxi Cab will cost between £50,000-£80,000 to purchase.

Where is Black Cab Taxi Insurance based?

The Black Cab Taxi Insurance is based in London, United Kingdom. The company was established in 1921 with a vision to arrange quality insurance solely for London Taxi drivers.

What is the cash cab license plate?


What party poppers in the taxi?

The taxi is private property. Never do anything in someone's cab for which you do not have permission.

What is another name for a taxi beginning with c?

the word for taxi starting with the letter c is cab.

How much for a taxi cab?

It depends on where you are and where you want to go to