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There is no polytheism in Judaism. Judaism only has one God.

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Why were ancient Romans polytheistic?

It was normal. All ancient religions, except for Judaism, were polytheistic.

Are Judaism Christianity and Islam monotheistic or polytheistic?

Judaism: monotheistic. Islam: monotheistic.

What is the comparison between Buddhism and Judaism?

Judaism = Monotheistic. Buddhism = Polytheistic.

What is a major difference between Judaism and Hinduism?

Judaism is monotheistic, while Hinduism is polytheistic.

Were the judasim monothestic or polytheistic?

Judaism was the first monotheistic religion.

Is judaism polytheistic?

No. It is the world's oldest, continuously-practiced monotheism.

What made Judaism unique from other religions?

Back when Judaism was first Founded, all other religions were polytheistic. Judaism was monotheistic.

How was judaism different from the roman religion?

The Romans were polytheistic meaning they worshiped many gods. Judaism was and is monotheistic.

Is it monotheistic in judaism Hinduism Buddhism Christianity and Islam?

It is monotheistic in Judaism, Christianity, & Islam. Buddhism is polytheistic. Hinduism is pantheistic.

Are the Semitic religions monotheistic or polytheistic?

Modern Semitic religions are monotheistic, namely Judaism and Islam. Ancient Semitic religions were mostly polytheistic.

Is this Judaism monotheistic or polytheistic?

Monotheism is one of the most fundamental principles that define this Judaism, to the point that this Judaism is considered possibly to be the ancient source of the very concept of monotheism.

How is Hinduism different from Christianity Judaism and Islam?

The most important difference is that Hinduism is polytheistic.

Is Judaism a monotheistic polytheistic or henotheistic religion?

Judaism is monotheistic religion. Jews believe in one and one one God with no partner and no equivalent.

Is Shintoism the same as Judaism?

No. Shintoism is a widespread Japanese polytheistic religion. Judaism is the monotheistic religion of the Jews, a Semitic group who originated in the Middle East.

Is Judaism monothestic or polytheistic?

Absolutely monotheistic! This is the one (and only?) fundamental doctrine of Judaism. It is, of course, the first of the Ten Commandments, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

What was the main difference between Judaism and religion in ancient Egypt?

Egypt was polytheistic; while Judaism rejects idolatry, and is based upon the worship of the Creator, who is the One and only God.

What is the geographic origins of Judaism?

The earliest geographic origin of Judaism appears to have been Mesopotamia, a region which is now in the nation of Iraq. Actually Mesopotamia was polytheistic, and if they were monotheistic it would not be Judaism. Abraham is the founder of Judaism, and it originates from what is now Israel or Palestine from about 4000 years ago.

What is the difference between judaism and Hinduism?

Judaism is a monotheist faith. Jews (and Christians and Muslims) believe in one god.Hinduism is a polytheistic faith. Hindus (and many other religions) believe in many gods.

What are the differences between Hinduism Judaism Buddhism Christianity and Islam?

Islam, Judaism, and Christianity share the same god. Buddhism originated from a land dominated by Hinduism. Hinduism is polytheistic, and the prophets of each religion were different.

Is modern Judaism really monotheistic?

Yes. It is certainly not polytheistic. Compared to Christianity, Judaism is far more concerned with action than with belief, and this may lead some Christians to see it as inexplicably tolerant of agnosticism.

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