Who is wholesaler?

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no one, tesco buy direct to keep the cost down

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Q: Who is wholesaler?
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Related questions

Can a business be a wholesaler and a retailer?

yes. it can be wholesaler and a retailer

What is the singular possessive for wholesaler?

The possessive form of the singular noun 'wholesaler' is wholesaler's.example: The wholesaler's delivery was late today.

Is it wholesaler or wholeseller?

Someone who sells goods wholesale is a wholesaler.

What are the services of a wholesaler to the manufacturer?

A wholesaler links the manufacturer to the customer. A wholesaler also ensures that all goods from the manufacturer are marketed.

What is the difference between a wholesaler and a retailer?

A wholesaler is a product distributor straight from the factory. A retailer usually gets their products from a wholesaler but it costs you a little more money.

How does a wholesaler set their pricing from the manufacturer?

Standard pricing for the wholesaler is purchase cost from the manufacturer plus 40%.

What are the functions of a wholesaler?

A wholesaler marks up their merchandise or services to a retail price. They are the second level after the manufacturer.

What is an Example of a wholesaler?

An example of a wholesaler is someone who buys in large bulks and sells them to retailers to resell to customers.

What is Difference between wholesaler and retailer on the basis risk?

what is Difference between wholesaler and retailer on the basis risk?

The primary source of revenue for a wholesaler is?

The primary source of revenue for a wholesaler is service fees.

What is the differences of wholesaler to the retailer?

A wholesaler is some thing that supplies the retailer with items to sell. The product some times gets bought in bulk from the wholesaler then gets marked up by the retailer.

What are the advantages of a wholesaler?

The advantages of a wholesaler is that they are able to deal directly with the public instead of having to rely on a business to sell its goods. This allows the wholesaler to see profits much more quickly.

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