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Who killed the princes in the tower?


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  • James Tyrell did say he did it on the orders of Richard III but could not identify the location of the bodies, remember it was under torture as well so we cannot take this testimony accurately.*
  • Also, Henry VII was suspected.*
  • There was loads of evidence linking Richard to the murder such as the first clue was the facts that in the summer of 1483 Richard be headed quiet a few fellow men. Because the tried to stop him becoming king they were not even given the decency of their own trail to plead their innocent. This shows that Richard was purely loathsome when it came to court. Many people said if he could kill one person to get to the throne then why would killing the princes be any different. When it came to it it was all to get to the throne.
  • Another clue was in 1483 many men loyal to Richard turned against him and joined Henry Tudor. This could have shown they knew Richard had murdered the boys and they didn't want to have anything to do with him when he was proven guilty. On the other hand they could have been sent to pretend they thought Richard was guilty.
  • Also the boys were in the way of Richard getting the throne and the princes were in Richards custody when they went missing most people think it was Richard who killed the princes in the tower.
  • HenryIII was also at risk of being suspected because if the princes didn't die than he would never have become king! Clever but if he just thought about it than this is probably what he would have come up with.