Who look better kiba or Sasuke?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Sasuke looks way more better than kiba!

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Q: Who look better kiba or Sasuke?
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When does kiba inuzuka appear?

After naruto kissed sasuke :P

Who has a crush on Kiba?

Pretty much everyone does but kiba likes hinata and in the end I think she gives up on naruto and goes to kiba either that or sakura gives up on sasuke and goes to kiba.

Is kiba the hottest anime character?

most definitely not sasuke all the way

Is Sasuke in Ultimate Ninja 5?

Yep, so is Hinata,Shino, and Kiba.

Who is more powerful kiba or sauske?

even before the sharingan or the curse mark, sasuke was a considerably more powerful ninja than kiba and/or akamaru.

Can you use kisame in naruto vs Sasuke?

hello.i am Vivekganandan . i the one answerd Kiba not loving with karui. Okey if naruto use Kisame sasuke will lose 50%.

Does anybody in Naruto born in July?

Neji - 3rd July Kiba 7th July Sasuke 23rd of July

What episode do Ino and kiba go out?

They never do because they never actually communicate in basically all of Naruto and when they do its never friendly. And plus Kiba likes Hinata and there are some hints that he has a thing for Sakura and Ino likes Sasuke and if she were to get over him she would probably pursue Shikamaru. Not Kiba.

Who will Sasuke marry in naruto?

Ino because Sakura goes with Naruto and Kiba goes with Hinata. Everybody noes that Shilamaru like Temari.

Did Sasuke look feminine?

No, Sasuke did not look feminine in neither the manga or the anime.

Is obito better than kiba?

no kiba has a more likely chance of winning with akamaru but obito has the sharingan so he would bring a fight but kiba has 2 headed wolf but obito is a akatsuki so lots of lifes but he is not imortal so kiba would use 2 headed wolf alot so he has a better chance

Who are Naruto's friends?

sasuke, sakura, kakashi,kiba, akamaru,shino, hinata, choji, shikamaru, ino, rock lee, neji , tenten, gaara etc