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Q: Who made computers an interconnect-able resource?
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Related questions

Is a computer a natural resource?

No, computers are man-made.

Is a broom a human-made resource or a natural resource?

A BROOM is a Human-made resource

What is a definition of a man made resource?

Man Made resource is a resource made by mankind by using natural resources for their needs

What is full form of URL in computers?

Uniform Resource Locator

Advantages of netwrking computers?

Resource sharing and often reduced costs.

What enables resource sharing by other computers on the same network?


Is a computer a capital resource?

Computers should be more of a secondary resource to books.Though books get out-dated some facts are always true no matter what. Computers should be a second to books like encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.

What is manmade resosources?

A man made resource is a resource that you can't find in nature. It is a resource made by man, like plastic.

Is glass a natural resource or man-made?

Glass is man-made from a natural resource.

What are computers made out of?

Computers are made out of mostly plastic and other electronic hardware.

What place where compaq computers made from?

Compaq computers/laptops are made in china

Is rice a natural or man -made resource?


What is the meaning of the acronym URL in computers?

URL means Universal Resource Locator

Is popcorn a natural resource?

Popcorn is made of corn, which is a natural resource.

What facilitates communication and resource sharing between other computers on the network?

A SERVER facilitates communication and resource sharing between other computers on the network.That process is called 'hand-shaking'

What is the opposite of a natural resource?

Man Made Resource :D

Are computers humans?

computers are made by humans for humans

Two or more computers connected together to enable resource sharing?

Computer Networking

What are two or more computers connected together to enable resource sharing is called?


Where can I learn more about computers and various programming languages?

The Internet is a great resource to find computer informaiton. A great website to learn developing is If you just want to learn in general about computers, this site is a great FREE resource:

Why are computers made today?

So that people can go on wikianswers and find out why computers are made today

Are non metals only made in computers?

Non metals exists in nature . They are not made in computers.

Which of these is not a result of the invention of the microchip?

It made computers bigger.

When was computer made?

Analog computers were first made in the late 1920s, Digital computers were first made in the early 1940s.

Where are the computers made?

Computers are made in factories all over the world. Usually different parts are made in different countries.

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