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Who made pavlova?

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well New Zealand made it so

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Who started the conflict about the pavlova?

the kiwis obviously made the pavlova and like many other things, Aussie stole it.

Why was pavlova named after Anna pavlova?


What dessert was named after a Russian ballet dancer?

Pavlova, a dessert made of meringue, cream and fruit, is named after Anna Pavlova.

What type of egg white in a pavlova is solution suspension or collid?

BEFORE it is cooked, the egg white made for a pavlova is BOTH a solution (sugar is dissolved in it) and a colloid.

Does pavlova bounce?

No, pavlova does not bounce.

What is pavlova made of?

Pavlova is made by beating egg whites and salt to a very stiff consistency before folding in caster sugar, vanilla, and vinegar, and slow baking the mixture to create the meringue.

How come the pavlova has kiwifruit on it if it was made by the Aussies?

Because you can put many different toppings on a pavlova and kiwi fruit is one of them. The pavlova itself is Australian but toppings can be from many different nationalities. Traditionally though it is topped with fresh fruit.

Who tried the first pavlova?

anna pavlova

What is pavola made of?

Pavlova is a delicious dessert that consists of a meringue cake with a whipped cream topping, and often includes slices of fruit on top. Pavlova was invented in the 1920s or 1930s, and is named for the Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova. Sources are in dispute over whether pavlova was actually invented in Australia or in New Zealan

Is pavolova New Zealand?

Pavlova is a desert in New Zealand. It's made from mostly egg whites and sugar. The name comes from the ballet dancer Anna Pavlova.

What dessert is named after a ballerina?

Pavlova, after Anna Pavlova

What dessert is named after ballerina?

Pavlova, after Anna Pavlova.

When and where did Anna Pavlova die?

what did Anna pavlova Die from Anna Pavlova died on January 23,1931 from double pnuemonia.

What are the ingredients of pavlova?

A baked meringue made of whipped egg whites and sugar

What is new zealands favorite dessert?

The Pavlova-which was first made in New Zealand

Who killed Anna Pavlova?

No one killed Anna Pavlova!

Which famous ballerina has a dessert named after her?

Pavlova, after Anna Pavlova

Where can you get pavlova?

You can buy a pavlova at all good supermarkets and bakeries.

Did Anna Pavlova have siblings?

No Anna Pavlova didn't have siblings

Who was Anna Pavlova husband?

sam pavlova lover boy

Who was a pavlova named after?

Anna Pavlova, a Russian ballet dancer.

What is the population of Pavlova vas?

The population of Pavlova vas is 194.

When was Yelena Pavlova born?

Yelena Pavlova was born in 1978.

When was Alla Pavlova born?

Alla Pavlova was born in 1952.

When was Vera Pavlova born?

Vera Pavlova was born in 1963.

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