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a/c delco a/c delco a/c delco

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Q: Who makes the original spark-plug wires for a 2000 Chevy silverado 4.3 v6?
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Who makes the Chevy Silverado?


Does Chevy make a hybrid colbalt?

No. Chevy makes hybrid models of the Malibu, Tahoe, and Silverado 1500.

Which motor company makes the 1995 Chevy Silverado?

The 1995 Chevy Silverado is manufactured by General Motors. Today they can be purchased from anywhere between $4,000.00 and $6,000.00 depending on the seller.

Is a bypass available for a Chevy silverado oxygen sensor with headers which makes the check engine come on?


Where can you find a fuse diagram for a Chevy K1500 Silverado?

A fuse diagram for a Chevy K1500 Silverado can be found in a Chilton's Automotive Repair Manual. Chilton makes repair manuals for many different vehicles.

What makes a lifted Silverado?

Bigger tires and raised suspension are what a make a lifted Silverado. Lifted Silverados are above the original suspension of the truck when purchased.

What part makes a clicking noise next to the Blower Motor in a 1998 Chevy Silverado?

it is the blend door in the duct system

I have a Chevy Silverado 2002. What if the oil gauge goes up and then down makes a ticking sound when starting the engine?

Waht is the answer?

Is there an adapter plate to mate a 1971 Pontiac 350 in place of the Chevy 350 in my 1994 silverado?

ati converters makes one

Did the factory model 1990 Chevy Suburban Silverado Edition come with a catalytic converter?

It sure did, That is the law on all makes and models.

Does Chevy still make Silverados?

Yes, Chevy still makes Silverado trucks. The base model WT starts at around $20,000. The most powerful model, the 3500HD starts at around $30,000.

97 Chevy silverado Truck makes a popping noise turning right while braking and turning?

you might want to check your left side wheel bearings