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Who offers insurance and bonding for small businesses?

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A local insurance broker can help you get insurance and bonding, you can find them in your yellow pages, Google, or can use a referral from a fellow business owner.

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What companies offer health insurance for small businesses?

Aetna is one insurance company which offers health insurance for small businesses. EHealth Insurance is another great source for finding cheap health insurance for small businesses.

Where can one purchase health insurance for their small business?

eHealthInsurance offers a health insurance plan for small businesses. If you do not wish to get a quote from them, there are more insurance companies you can find locally and online.

What does fortis insurance cover?

Fortis insurance is an insurance company based in Hong Kong. It offers a variety of different types of insurance, from cars to homes, to small businesses.

Why would small business need an insurance policy?

Small businesses need an insurance policy just as large businesses do. Small businesses need an insurance policy because they need protection for liability.

Are there any respectable companies in Ohio that sell health insurance for a small business?

UnitedHealthcare is a very reputable company that offers insurance plans specialized for small businesses. Humana is a lesser known but still reputable company that also offers many different packages for small business health insurance.

Where can my friend find a company that offers garage liability insurance for his dealership?

A person can find garage liability insurance through their business insurance provider. There are usually several insurance providers that specialize in small businesses.

Legally do small businesses have to offer health insurance benefits to their employees?

A small business does not have to provide insurance to employees. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for small businesses to pool the financial resources needed to offer quality insurance.

Which insurance brokers offer services to small businesses?

Virtually all insurance brokers will offer insurance to small businesses. To name a few: Outsurance, Santam, Auckland insurance, Aon, Brokers Trust insurance and many more.

Are small businesses required to have insurance?

Small businesses are not actually required to supply insurance if they can't keep up with the sufficient amount required to have insurance. It is possible to have insurance if you do want to have your business backed up financially.

What are some companies that provide group insurance to small businesses?

Group insurance is insurance which covers a group of people. Many companies offer this to small businesses but the best way to find good deals is to contact insurance companies personally.

Environmental liability protection for small businesses was provided by?

An Insurance Company

What services are offered on the Wells Fargo com biz website?

The Wells Fargo biz website offers financial information and services for small businesses. They offer loans, payroll services, insurance and more for a small business.

What does OSHA do for small business?

OSHA offers free health and safety consulting services to small businesses.

What is peerless insurance used for?

Peerless Insurance is an insurance company that specializes in catering to small businesses and their owners. They are a subsidiary company of Liberty Mutual insurance.

Who offers affordable business insurance?

Zurich Insurance offers and excellent small business insurance policy. This can protect you against things like product liability and workers compensation.

What insurance is the most important for small businesses?

The most important insurance that a small business can have is public liability insurance as accidents can happen and this is the most common accident that will happen that will result in a pay out.

Is there a bank which offers free business checking?

US Bank offers free checking to small businesses, PNC offers free checking to businesses, BB&T also has a free business checking, alone with Capitol One.

Does Geico have an insurance plan for trucking companies?

Yes Geico does offer insurance for trucking companies. They offer commercial insurance for small or large businesses. They cover business vehicles both small and large.

Where can one get liability insurance for contractors?

There are a few insurance companies out there that provide liability insurance to contractors and small businesses. Among them are Progressive, UCI Agency, Geico and Veracity Insurance.

Which website offers good business ideas for small businesses?

There are many websites that off good business ideas for small businesses such as review websites and website forums where a person can talk to other small business managers.

Where can small businesses find payroll services?

Paycheck offers great services to over 500,000 small businesses and counting. You can rely on them to keep your tax rates at a minimum and regularity rates as well.

Are there marketing training seminars or resources available to small businesses?

There are at least two market training seminars or resources available for small businesses. I have discovered a company calles Re-Skilling which offers seminars and another company called Pragmatic Marketing which offers classes.

Where can one find information on health insurance for a small business?

There are a variety of online sites that post a wealth of information about health insurance for small businesses. The online companies eHealth Insurance and Aflac Group Insurance, for example, both provide this service.

Which companies can help with small business taxes?

There are many companies that deal with Tax and Business services, such as H&R Block, who does cover small businesses. H&R Block offers free consultations with no charge for small businesses.

What companies provide affordable health plans for small businesses?

Most insurance companies will have plans for small businesses that will support from a few employees to larger numbers. Prices will vary but are not really that affordable.

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