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The staff of Admiral Yamamoto prepared the plans and preparation for the attack on Pearl Harbour. Admiral Yamamota approved the plans once they were prepared. Japanese Senior Naval Officers routinely utilized their staff to prepare plans and approved or disapproved them.

Answeralthough it was Yamamoto and his officers that planned the attack, the plan was formed aboput a month after the attack on the Italian Fleet at Taranto in 1940, Admiral Yamamoto studied this attack thoroughly, using it as his blue print. (all he needed to do was wait until his enemy had his fleet at anchor in a shallow harbour before attacking.)
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Q: Who planned the Pearl Harbor attack?
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When was the attack planned on Pearl Harbor?

the attack on pearl harbor was on december 7th 1941.

Who was involved in the Pearl Harbor attack?

Minoru Genda was the one who planned the "Attack On Pearl Harbor". And the U.S., and the Japanese were involved.

Did Japanese leader Yamanoto organize the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Isoroku Yamamoto planned the attack upon Pearl Harbor .

Who was responsible for the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor?

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, a Japanese admiral, planned the attack on pearl harbor and was in the atack.

Why was Japan responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Because Japan planned and carried out the attack.

Was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on purpose?

Yes, the attack was a planned military strike.

What Japanese leader planned pearl harbor attack?

Isoroku Yamamoto

What was the name of the Japanese commander in chief who planned the Pearl Harbor attack?

Admiral Yamamoto

Why did the attack of Pearl Harbor have less of an impact than the Japanese had planned?

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor to destroy the US Naval Fleet in the pacific. One of the main targets were the Aircraft Carrierswhich were not in Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack.

Why was japan such a succes on their attack at pearl harbor?

It was well planned, and the aircrewmen were well trained for the mission.

What are the different sides to the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

Different sides? There are no different sides. Japan planned and executed an attack on the American Naval Base at Pearl Harbor.

When did Japanese Prime Minister Tojo inform the cabinet that an attack was planned against the US at Pearl Harbor?

On December 1, 1941, Prime Minister Tojo informed the Japanese cabinet that an attack was planned on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

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