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Who played Bozo the Clown?

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2018-03-28 22:47:44

Many people have played Bozo. Pinto Colvig, who played Bozo from

1946-1956, was known as the original Bozo. Larry Harmon, who

purchased the franchise rights to Bozo in 1956, was one. Bob Bell

portrayed Bozo on WGN television from 1960-1984.


Actors who portrayed Bozo included:

Willard Scott (TV weatherman) - born March 7, 1934

Frank Avruch (Boston entertainer, 1928-2018)

Bob Bell (Chicago actor, 1922-1997)

Joey D'Auria (NY-born comic) - born May 18, 1952

The animated series of Bozo cartoons (1958-1962) used the voice

of Larry Harmon (Lawrence Weiss, 1925-2008), and the live

actors in various TV venues included Vance Colvig Jr. on KTLA in

Los Angeles. Canadian actor Art Cervi (born circa 1940) appeared as

Bozo in both Windsor and later in Detroit.

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