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Who received the 2007 Israel Prize for Torah Literature?

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Bar Ilan University for the Responsa Project.

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On Israel's Independence Day in 2007 the publication 'Israel Jewish Life' April 2007 reported that the Israel Prize for Torah literature would be awarded to the Responsa project. Did that occur?

Yes, The Responsa project received the Israel Prize in the field of Torah literature on April 24, 2007, Israel's independence day.

Who do Jews believe received the Torah from god where did he received the Torah?

We believe that Moses received the Torah from the top of Mt. Sinai.

Who received the Hebrew law?

Jewish tradition holds that the children of Israel received the Torah (תורה), or "Hebrew Law" at Mount Sinai, approximately 3300 years ago.

According to the Torah what is the Promised Land?

According to the Torah, the Promised Land is what is now called Israel.See also:Does Israel belong to the Jews?What is the origin of Israel?

End of the five books of the Torah?

The last word in the Torah is "Israel"

What is the last word in the Torah?

Yisrael (Israel)

What kind of things are made in Israel?

Some stuff that Israel make are the torah and the yad.

What are some ancient Israel achievements?

they wrote the Torah

What role did the Torah play in the israelites?

Torah acted as a moral guideline and as a constitution of sorts for the nation of Israel. That is not the case today as Israel lives under a secular government.

Who was the founder of the Torah?

No one "founded" the Torah. Jewish tradition states that HaShem (The Creator) gave the Nation of Israel the Torah through Moshe (Moses).

Why did the Hebrews settle in Israel?

Israelis where in the land of Israel since the Bible, or as the Torah, 3000 years ago.

Why is last word in Torah -Israel?

We can certainly speculate, but for a straight, dependable answer, you'd have to ask the author.

Why is the Torah highly valued?

The Torah is the Law and the record of the promises that God made to the children of Israel. It is a history and a lawbook.

What achievements did ancient Israel achieve?

They wrote the Torah and were fat

When did Moses gives the Jews the Torah?

Moses didn't give the Torah. He received the Torah from HaShem during the Israelite exodus from Egypt.

What is the significance of the Torah to Islam?

Torah is one of the holy book of Islam which was sent to moses , but later it was changed by the children of Israel for their convenience

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There is no mention at all in the Torah of what specific day of the week Israel left Egypt.

What is the zip code for rechov ezrat Torah 12 in Jerusalem israel?

9532012. Israel uses a seven-digit code.

What is literature of Hebrew?

There is a large amount of literature in Hebrew. The most famous is the Bible, that is written in biblical Hebrew. The Bible includes the Torah (pentateuch), the first five books, and also the books of the Writings and of the Prophets. There are also many other religious books, such as the mishna, written later. There is a flourishing body of literature being written in Modern Hebrew today in Israel.

What is the role of the Israelites in Israel?

To keep the Torah (Deuteronomy 11:18-21).To keep the Torah (Deuteronomy 11:18-21).

Which text did the Hebrew people ancient Israel use?

The main text was the Torah.

Why are dairy foods eaten at Shavuot?

The Torah is compared to milk, as is the fertility of Israel.

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According to Jewish tradition, the Torah came from Moses who received it from God on Mt. Sinai

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With God helping him, Moses led the children of Israel out of slavery in Egypt. It was also Moses that received the Torah and the ten commandments. And it was Moses that led the Jews through the wilderness on the journey toward the promised land, Israel

Why do Jews celebrate pentecost?

Jews celebrate Shavuot because the Torah commands it (Leviticus ch.23). It was the day when Moses received the gift of the Torah/ten commandment on mount Sinai and they also celebrated it because of its harvest. This holiday has nothing to do with the Christian holiday of Pentecost.Answer:In Judaism, Pentecost is known as Shavuot. It commemorates when God Gave the Torah to Moses & the Children of Israel.