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The Department of Health- who licenses and oversees hospitals. Other agencies, such as the Food & Drug Administration, may oversee drug safety.

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Q: Who regulates safety standards for patients in hospital?
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Is OSHA a federal agency that regulates workplace safety standards?


Who regulates US workplace safety?

There is no one agency in the US that regulates all of workplace safety. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (and about 26 equivalent organizations in State Plan States) issues safety and health standards for the Long Shoring Industry, the Construction Industry, and General Industry. The Mine Safety and Health Administration regulates metal and non-metal mining. The Coast Guard regulates the safety of working conditions on vessels at sea and in port. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulates nuclear workplace safety. Certain Federal and State government agencies are responsible for regulating the safety within their own workplaces.

EPA regulates work place health and safety?

No, OSHA regulates workplace Health and Safety. EPA regulates Environmental quality.

Which program within the USCG Boating and Safety Mission targets commercial vessels regulates commercial marine activities and helps develop safety standards for commercial vessels and crews?

Search and Rescue

What agency regulates public service electric and gas?

In Canada the whole country basis its safety standards under the Canadian Standards Association. Each region of the country adds its addendum to the standards to cover regional differences throughout the country.

What are the health safety and security hazards in a ward at hospital?

A ward in a hospital can face many health and safety issues including cross contamination between patients. They can also experience security issues such as people who not belonging on the ward being there.

The agency that regulates safety in the workplace is?

OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (for US)

Which safety standards have the highest priority for the Army?

OSHA Standards

What is the difference between hospital and long term care patient safety plans?

The hospital will care for both patients that are in the facility for no more than a week, as well as patients who are in the facility for more than a month. The longer the patient is in the hospital, the more severe state the person was in to begin with. The short-term stay is for people who can take care of themselves.

What are federal motor safety standards?

the safety things in a car ;)

What government agency regulates milk for human safety?


What is of care?

Duty of Care is the legal responsibility of one, to ensure the safety and well-being of others in their employ or care. eg. children in school; patients in hospital.

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