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The House of Stuart.

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If you mean Edward VI (1537 - 1553), son of Henry VIII and his third wife Jane Seymour:

Before he died, Protestant king Edward VI was persuaded to name the Protestant Lady Jane Grey (1537 - 1554) as his successor, because the true heir to the throne, his eldest sister Mary, was a staunch Roman Catholic. Jane was a great granddaughter of the first Tudor king, Henry VII, through her grandmother Princess Mary Rose Tudor, the younger sister of Henry VIII. Four days after Edward died (6 July 1553), and promoted by her fiercely ambitious father in law, the Protestant Duke of Northumberland, Jane, just a pawn in a power game, was proclaimed Queen. However there was surprisingly popular support for Mary Tudor and soon it was clear that Jane was not going to be able to hold on to the throne and so she was persuaded, by her father, to step down, leaving a 9 days reign behind her. Mary I took her rightful position as Queen, and Jane and her supporters were arrested, eventually tried for treason and executed. Jane and her husband, Guildford Dudley, were beheaded on 12 February 1554.

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The rulers of England during Tudor times were:

1485 - 1509 Henry VII

1509 - 1547 Henry VIII

1547 - 1553 Edward VI

July 1553 Jane Grey

1553 - 1558 Mary I

1558 - 1603 Elizabeth I

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The House of Stuart.

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Q: Who ruled England during Tudor times?
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No. Tudor times was the reign of the Tudor monarchs in England from 1485 to 1603. 1897 was during the reign of Queen Victoria, often called the Victorian period.

How was England ruled during the Victorian times?

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How many monasteries were there during Tudor Times?

there were 5000 monasteries in england and 2000 in wales

How was England ruled in Tudor times?

By the Tudor kings and queens! For a country to be ruled, it must have a monarchy of some kind. King, queen, tsar, emperor all fall under this category. The Tudors were Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward, Mary and Elizabeth.

In what year did Tudor times start?

The House of Tudor was a prominent European royal house that ruled the Kingdom of England and its realms from 1485 until 1603. Hope this helps.

Who brought chocolate to England in Tudor times?

Chocolate came to Enland in the 1650s during the reign of Charles II long after the Tudor Period. The first Chocolate House was opened in London in 1657. It was available in Spain and France during the Tudor period.

What does the word Tudor mean in the todor times?

it is a nickname for England

What language was spoken in England in Tudor times?

Old English

How many countries were there in Tudor Britain?

Two. In Tudor times England and Wales were united but Scotland was a separate country.

What was the currency in Tudor times for England?

Its Groat's its worth 4 pence

The Tudor monarchs?

A monarch is a king or queen. The Tudors were a dynasty of English Kings and Queens that ruled from 1485-1603; they were King Henry VII, King Henry VIII, King Edward VI, Queen Mary I, and Queen Elizabeth I.

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your wee