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Who sang the song black Betty?

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Ram Jam.

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Q: Who sang the song black Betty?
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Who sang Black Betty remake song?


Who sang Black Betty in the movie Basic?

The version of the song in Basic was sung by Player and Peter Beckett

Who sang the whoop song?

Betty Everett

Who sang black biddy?

If you are talking about Black Betty then its Spiderbait

Who sang original recording of black betty?

Black Betty is an old African American work song, it's origin is not confirmed.If you mean the popular classic rock version, it was 'Ram Jam' (1977)

What is the Tempo for the song Black Betty?

tempo for black betty is 144bmp

Who sang black betty in without a paddle?


Who sang the theme song from Black Rain?

Who sang the title song. From the movie black rain O

Who sang the song Black Velvet?

Alanna Myles sang Black Velvet.

Who did the remake of Black Betty song?

The original song was made famous by Ram Jam but Spiderbait did the most recent cover of Black Betty.

Who is black betty about?

There are many theories but I have heard that a "Black Betty" was a flint-lock musket with a black painted stock. In the song "bam-ba-lam" refers to the sound of the gunfire. And her child is kills she made. But Black Betty is an old African American slave song so who really knows. Other Theories Black Betty is a Black Chick... Black Betty is a VD... Black Betty is the stocks that misbehaving slaves where taken to be shot at.

Who sang the song black and yellow?

The new song "black and yellow" is by Wiz Khalifa.

In what year was the song Black Betty by Ram Jam released?

"Black Betty" by Ram Jam was released in June of 1977. "Black Betty" was originally a 1900s work song primarily sung by those of African American descent.

Who sang the song paranoia?

Black Sabbath

Who wrote the song black betty?

The song "Black Betty" was written by Huddie "lead belly" Ledbetter. The song was released in 1977 and has been re released by over a dozen different artists.

Who wrote the song 'Black Betty'?


What was the song that the black eyed peas sang at the AMA?

The Black Eyed Peas sang Time of My Life at the AMA.

Who sang 'Black Betty'?

Leadbelly in 1941 Ram Jam in 1977 Spiderbate in 2004

Did thin Lizzie record the song black betty?

The most popular recorded version of the song Black Betty was recorded by the band Ram Jam. Thin Lizzy has never released a version of the song.

Who sings the song ''Black Betty''?

Ram Jam

When was black Betty the song established?

1918 by muddy ledbeter

What is the Prime Minister Of Australia's Favourite Song?

Black Betty

What year did the song black betty come out?

that song came out in 1977 by Ram Jam

What is the last song Joe Jonas sang?

back in black back in black

Who sang the song black and blue from the eighties?

Van Halen had a song called Black and Blue on their OU812 cd.