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Who settled in Georgia?

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A group of Englishmen, the main one being James Oglethorpe.

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When was hero Georgia colony settled?

when we the colony of Georgia settled

Who settled in Georgia the colony?

the British people settled in Georgia the colony

Who were the groups of people that settled in Georgia?

the people who settled Georgia were English Debtors.

Who settled Georgia and in what year did he settle Georgia?

James Oglethorpe, and he settled it in 1756.

What was Georgia settled as?

Georgia was originally settled as a debtor's colony, kinda like Australia

Which Colonists that settled Georgia?

Georgia was the final colony of the original 13 to be settled. This colony was settled in 1732 by General James Oglethorpe.

Why was Georgia settled who settled it?

James Edward Oglethorpe settled Georgia, cause he wanted people of ever church to join his church

When was Georgia settled?

Ben Chevalier was here 9/23/09. Georgia was settled in 1756

Where was Georgia first settled?

jasmine cole settled their.

Was more land settled in Georgia or Virginia in 1760?


When did bob finkledine settle Georgia?

He settled Georgia in 1764

Who settled Georgia?

Bob finkledine...

What was the last colony to be settled?


When did the salzburgers settled in Georgia?


What type of colony was Georgia when it was first settled?

Georgia was a debtor's colony.

What southern state was settled by debtors?

Georgia was originally settled as a debtors' colony.

Which was the last of the thirteen colonies to be settled?

The last of the thirteen colonies to be settled was Georgia.

Why was Georgia settled?

Georgia was settled as a debtor colony. It was intended as a refuge for horribly mistreated prisoners who had been released with no way to support themselves.

Who settled the state of Georgia?

Indians settled the state of Georgia until president Jackson forced them out to Iowa wich was called the Trail of Tears.

Who has settled in Georgia?

James Oglethorpe founded Georgia. The original colonists were english.

Which of the 13 colonies was the last to be settled?


Georgia was settled as a colony in 1733?


What was the last of the thirteen colonies to be settled?


When was Georgia first settled?

in the year 1733

What kind of people settled in Georgia?