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Well, bad thing is you are both legally allowed to be there as long as you share the lease. Plus, if you decide to leave and don't get your name off that lease, you are still responsible for the rent. If he stays and doesn't pay, it will ruin your credit for a very long time, and ruin your chances of being able to rent again. SO, if you're planning on leaving, MAKE HIM AGREE TO GET YOUR NAME OFF THE LEASE. This has happened to me before, and I ended up having to pay for some furniture I couldn't take with me, but for that, I got my name off the lease, and boy am I glad I did. He tried coming after me for money, and there was nothing he could do. I was no longer associated with the apartment. Good Luck!

2006-09-11 23:01:32
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Should you leave if he hasn't married you and it has been five years you are together and also you are not even living together or engaged?

tell him how you feel and try to work it all out.

How long should you be engaged before married?

Some couples that are engaged generally wait six months to a year. If there is no large wedding involved then the couple can get married when they choose, but at least six months gives both partners a chance to be sure they do want to get married and they also get to know each other better.

Should the relationship be over when your boyfriend says he will never get engaged?

No. Nothing has changed in your relationship except that he doesn't want to get married, lots of couples don't get married and grow old together.

What age should girls get engaged?

There is no age when they should get engaged. When they find the right man that they want to spend the rest of their life with, then they can get engaged. That could happen at any age, once they are old enough to be married.

Should a person make all decisions alone?

If you are dating someone, engaged or married then no, some important decisions should be discussed together and both make the decision together. But it's mainly depends on the subject of the decision ... you may need to ask an expert or the one who have the knowledge and the experience.

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If a boy is already engaged with someone then how to impress him?

Well......Sorry if he is engaged then you can't really impress him. If you want him to like you I'm sorry you should probably move on sorry but it is true. You should look for a guy who isn't in a relationship let alone engaged or married. :)

If a married couple is separated should they live together or apart?

If a married couple is separated, then they should always live apart.

When should two people move in together?

easy answer... when they are MARRIED

Should Jon and Daisy get married?

Yes! Their perfect together (:

Should my boyfriend and I move in together?

You should never move in with someone if you aren't married.

Should you live together before marriage?

You are getting married, living together before the marriage is just taking the thrill and excitement out. Better get married first then live together.

What should you do if you cheated on your girlfriend and you tell her?

Unless you are married or engaged, there is no commitment, therefore there is no such thing as cheating. You SHOULD however disclose to her that you BOTH can date around until such a time as you become exclusive which is ONLY a result of being engaged. Unless you two are engaged then you are free to date around and so is she.

Should a married man have a relationship with his ex mistress if they have a child together and he is still married to the person he cheated on?


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You should wait until you're married.

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When you get engaged should you move in together?

It's recommended that you guys do since it is a required step towards marriage but that's totally up to you and your partner. Usually, people these days that are in engaged do move in together but as I said, it's up to you guys. Mac

How do you get two teachers together?

If are a student you should not try to get two teachers together at all. You are in school to learn, and you should not get involved in your teacher's personal lives at all.

Can you get engaged while still married but you have been seperated for 7 months?

You probably can, but I don't think you should jump into anything that quickly.

What should you do if you been with a guy for ten years and you are not engaged?

Communicate!!! Talk to him about it and express your desire to get married and hear what he has to say and if getting married is that important to you be prepared to give him an ultimatum and stand your ground.

How long should you be engaged before you marry?

You should be engaged longer then two months!!

How do you handle a relationship with a married woman?

I would say you dont! She is married she should be focused on her husband. If they are going through problems/issues, then you should not get involved with her, you may be putting yourself in a bad situtation.

If a married couple go to a party together should they leave the party together?

Yes They should! That is one of the dumbest question I've ever heard of. If your married and you go to a party, then you should go home together because if you don't and you go home with someone else its just like cheating on your husband or wife.

What do you do your boyfriend and you have been together for 5years he says he wants to have kids and get married but you dont knot how much time you should give him you are both 25years?

Get engaged first so that you can sort out the important parts of your relationship before getting married. Make sure everything is out in the open and you both are honest with each other about your feelings before you say I Do. After you're married have the kids. You still have time.

Should you move to another country with your boyfriend if you're not engaged or married?