Who spied for Abraham Lincoln in Civil war?

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Many spied. Brinks men were hired, but others also spied. There was a southern actress who spied for several years. She is buried in the military cemetery at the Presido in San Francisco.
Various people spied for the Union. The Pinkerson men did work for them and other civilians. At the time there were touring theater companies and several had actors/ actresses that spied because they moved through the south. One interesting spy was Charles Heidsick a Frenchman who was from a wealthy champagne family. He disguised himself as a bartender and worked on the Mississippi steamers. He carried info for the confederates.
Alan Pinkerton headed the Union intelligence service.
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What did Abraham Lincoln do as leader of the Civil War?

He freed the slaves but he also issued out the Emancipation Proclamation in 1963 and signed the Homestead Act in 1862 which helped by awarding 160 acres to settlers who agreed to farm the land for 5 years

Did Abraham Lincoln cause the Civil War?

Years before Lincoln became president, the Rothschild s wanted to weaken the government in order to create a privately owned banking system where they would be the only ones who could print paper money, loan it out and collect the interest. Their plan was to in debt the nation to them forever. The R ( Full Answer )

What did Abraham Lincoln do during the civil war?

He was the president of the United States and so was commander-in-chief of the union forces. He paid close attention to the war and changes in the high command from time to time. He issued an emancipation proclamation that freed the slaves in the rebel states.

How was Abraham Lincoln involved in the civil war?

Abraham was the president of the United States. However, despite the attempts of the Confederate states to become their own nation, Lincoln still considered them part of his country.

Why was Abraham Lincoln important to the Civil War?

he was important because he was anti slavery he wanted to end it so slaves could be free and he wanted to make the country better so we wouldn't judge people by their skin colour hope this was helpful!

What did Abraham Lincoln do for the Civil War?

He was the President during the civil war and kept the idea alive that the nation would come together. He commanded the Union troops, made a few mistakes, but in the long run got the right man to take control and that was Grant. He was the central figure of the civil war and the revolutionary war.

How did Abraham Lincoln stop the Civil War?

In truth, Abraham Lincoln did not stop the Civil War from breakingout; his election as the 16th American president is in fact one ofthe primary causes of the Civil War. At the same time, it can besaid that he is mainly responsible for its successful conclusion,that is, for the Union victory in the f ( Full Answer )

Did President Abraham Lincoln stop the Civil War?

No, he kept it going by getting himself re-elected in 1864. Otherwise, the South would have gained its independence and all the Union casualties would have been in vain. Lincoln's General-in-Chief, Ulysses Grant, finally brought it to a successful close by ending the system of prisoner-exchange, so ( Full Answer )

Was Abraham Lincoln in the civil war?

He was President of the United States at the time. He wasn't in any of the battles, but he did occasioanlly visit battlefields after the fighting had ended as he did at Gettysburg. His major objective in the war was to preserve the union (which he did).

Did Abraham Lincoln win the civil war?

He did and he didn't. His goal to preserve the Union was a success. Unfortunately, he paid a huge price. Even before his death, by the spring of 1865 he was looking old and haggard. Historians say that his last day on earth was one of the best Lincoln had ever had. In fact his wife told a friend she ( Full Answer )

Did abraham lincoln start the civil war?

He did not actually declare war, because that would have meant recognising the Confederacy as a sovereign nation. He claimed that he was simply putting down a rebellion of certain states.

How old was Abraham Lincoln when he joined the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln was 52 years and two months old on April 12, 1861 when the shooting began in the Civil war. He was the President of the United States at the time- he did not exactly "join" the war, but he was certainly involved with it.

How did Abraham Lincoln declare the civil war?

Lincoln did not declare war not did he ask Congress to declare war. He did command federal troops to protect government property when they were fired upon.

When did Abraham Lincoln start the civil war?

He did not start the Civil War. The Civil War began On April 12, when Confederate forces led by General P.T. Beauregard opened fire on Fort Sumter which was a federally held fort in South Carolina.

What were Abraham Lincoln contribution in the US Civil War?

Lincoln was the US president during the war. He took an active role in the military campaigns. He made several changes in the top army leadership and finally discovered Grant. His bold emancipation proclamation helped demoralize the South and energize the anti-slavery people in the North. Lincoln wo ( Full Answer )

How old was Abraham Lincoln during the US Civil War?

The US Civil War started April 12, 1861, and President Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, so, he was 52 when it started. The war ended on April 9, 1865, so he was 56, when it ended.

What role did Abraham Lincoln play in civil war?

Keeping the whole Northern team together - a difficult cabinet, feuding Generals, a demoralised public. His re-election in 1864 was a key factor in the eventual Union victory over the Confederates.

What did Abraham Lincoln do for the American Civil War?

He was the only man in Washington who could have carried it to a successful conclusion. A strong, calm leader who could control an unruly cabinet and presently learned to select and make good use of the best Generals. Undoubtedly one of the great men of history, though often praised wrongly as the ( Full Answer )

How was the election of Abraham Lincoln related to the civil war?

Lincoln was the first Presidential candidate from the Republican party, which was opposed to the extension of slavery. As soon as he was elected, South Carolina seceded from the United States. After he was inaugurated, he was offered the Crittenden Compromise, but rejected it because it would have ( Full Answer )

Did Abraham Lincoln join the civil war?

Yes. As Commander In Chief of the US Armed Forces, otherwise known as the Union Army, Abraham Lincoln joined the American Civil War against the Confederate Army.

How was Abraham Lincoln assassinated after the Civil War?

He was shot in the back of the head by actor and Confederate spy John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln was watching a play that Booth knew well and waited for the right scene to shoot him. During a line given that usually broke the audience out in laughter and having the sound of his gunshot muffled, Booth bro ( Full Answer )

How did Abraham Lincoln change the civil war with the emancipation proclamation?

It changed the war by giving southern slaves hope. While obviously the Union could not immediately enforce the proclamation (it only freed slaves in the rebellious states, not those states which were still in the Union), it did mean that any slaves captured by Union troops were immediately freed ins ( Full Answer )

What did Abraham Lincoln do threw out the whole civil war?

Leadership: At every level, Lincoln led the Union. He appointed and dismissed generals until he found one, U.S. Grant, who would fight the war as he wanted it fought by attacking the enemy with bulldog tenacity. He set his own policies and took great political risks. The mid-war elections are but on ( Full Answer )

Is Abraham Lincoln blamed for the civil war?

The secession of Southern states was discussed for decades prior to the Civil War, but grew in likelihood as political compromises around slavery and State rights failed to reach any lasting conclusion. Ultimately, it was Lincoln's election that provoked secession, since he was perceived to be an ab ( Full Answer )

What did Abraham Lincoln do to change the civil war?

He had munitions, warm clothes, shoes, hats, horses, ammunition and all necessary military accompaniments for fighting the southern states, who had nothing but great leaders, great fighters, and determination to fight for their Confederacy. Then Mr. Lincoln sent his General T Sherman to burn Georgi ( Full Answer )

10 facts about what Abraham Lincoln did as a general in the Civil war?

Lincoln was not a General in the Civil War. His military experience was limited to a short spell as a junior officer in a conflict with Native Americans, many years before. Of course, as President, he was notionally the Supreme Commander, but preferred not to interfere with his Generals' decisions ( Full Answer )

Why did Abraham Lincoln declare the civil war?

He didn't. It would have meant recognising the Confederacy as asovereign nation. The first shots were fired by the Confederates, claiming that theywere defending their own territory. Lincoln appealed for volunteer troops to put down a rebellion, inother words, defending his own territory too. That ( Full Answer )