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If people knew that, they wouldn't have been good spies! They would've been executed ones.


It was not who, it was what spied on North Vietnam. The U.S. destroyer Maddox spied on North Vietnam in support of the south.

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What did Harriet Tubman do as a spy?

As a spy for the north, Harriet Tubman spied on the south.

Use spied in a sentence?

he spied on mei spied on my friends as they gossiped

How do you spell spied?

That is the correct spelling of "spied."

Can you give a sentence for spied?

the stalker spied on a women?

How many syllables are in spied?

The word spied has one syllable.

How do you write a sentence with the word spied?

Spy is a verb, while spied is a verb past tense. It means to peek, or eavesdrop."Mom, she spied on me again."If I had spied on you, wouldn't I have known what you said?

What part of speech is spied?

Spied is a verb (past tense of spy).

Who spied for Abraham Lincoln in Civil war?

Various people spied for the Union. The Pinkerson men did work for them and other civilians. At the time there were touring theater companies and several had actors/ actresses that spied because they moved through the south. One interesting spy was Charles Heidsick a Frenchman who was from a wealthy champagne family. He disguised himself as a bartender and worked on the Mississippi steamers. He carried info for the confederates.

How did african americans help the war effort in the north what roles did they play in the South?

It helped the North because at first, the African-Americans weren't permitted to serve in the Union army. Even though the army didn't let them serve, the navy did. The escaped slaves were especially useful guides and spies because of their knowledge of the South. Harriet Tubman repeatedly spied under the confederate lines.

Who did ann bates spy on?

She spied on the Americans!!

Who did Lydia darragh spy on?

she spied on the British.

What is another word for looked?

Peeked, spied, and appeared...

What did Joseph Stalin's secret police do?

they spied and killed for him

Who was the spy for the greasers?

Cherry Valance 'spied' for the greasers.

Who spied on Galileo?

Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein

Who are the important people of the Revolutionary War?

Lydia Darragh A woman who spied on the british Lydia Darragh A woman who spied on the british Lydia Darragh Henry Knox Joseph Martin

Is spied a verb?

yes it is a verb and this is a sentence for it we spied the old bus go up the enormous hill :D Hope i helped i'm only 10 :D

What is present tense for spy?

"spy" and spied is past tense

What did Caleb do in Pretty Little Liars?

He spied on Hanna for Jenna.

How did rose greenhow help the confederates?

She SPIED!!!!!!!!!! Mwa-ha-ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What rhymes with dried?

Lied Spied Fried Tied Hide Bide

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