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There were two people credited with the start of the Whig Party. They were Henry Clay and Daniel Webster who founded the party in 1833.

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Q: Who started the whig party?
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What did the Democratic Party and the whig party have in common?

What did the Democratic Party and the Whig party have in common

What political party was originally a 3rd party?

The Whig party. (Not the wig party! The Whig party!) ~Guardiavoir

Why did the republican party grow as the whig party and know nothings party declined in the 1850s?

Whig party died

When was Modern Whig Party created?

Modern Whig Party was created in 2009.

When was True Whig Party created?

True Whig Party was created in 1869.

When was Florida Whig Party created?

Florida Whig Party was created in 2006.

What is the difference between the Democratic Party and the whig party?

what is the difference between the denocratic part and the whig party?

What is Whig Party in US?

the whig party were a party that refused Jackson they were like the present day Republicans!

What did the whig party tend to favor?

The Whig Party came from Britain in 1680. The Whig Party tended to favor smaller government powers and more individual freedoms.

When was the Whig Party established?

Whig Party was established in 1833 and was dissolved in 1860. Whig Party was a political party which was formed in the United States due to the opposition to the policies of President Andrew Jackson and his Democratic Party.

Whig Party Election in the election of 1852 what happened to the Whig Party in the South?

In the election of 1852 the Whig Party began to be destroyed. The party was divided on whether or not to allow slavery in the new territories.

What are true statements about the Whig party in 1844?

The Whig Party wanted a strong national government.

What was William Harrison's political party?

Whig.Harrison was a whig.William Henry Harrison was a Whig.

What destroyed the Whig party?

The Whig Party was destroyed by the question of whether to allow the expansion of slavery to the territories. Most Whig party leaders eventually quit politics or changed parties.

Did Abraham Lincoln belong to the Whig party?

At first he was part of the Whig party, but soon became a Republican.

Was George Washington part of the whig party?

No- he died several years before the Whig party was born.

What party replaced the Whig party?


Did the Whig party become the democratic party?

No it did not.

What political party replaced the whig party?

The Republican Party.

When did the whig party start?

The Whig party was founded in 1830, only to dissolve shortly after in 1860. The party was formed in opposition to Andrew Jackson and his Democratic Party.

Who was the whig party candidate in the election of 1840?

The whig party candidate in the election of 1840 is William Henry Harrison.

When was Whig - British political party - created?

Whig - British political party - was created in 1678.

When did Whig Party - United States - end?

Whig Party - United States - ended in 1856.

When was Whig Party - United States - created?

Whig Party - United States - was created in 1833.

What was the Symbol for the Whig Party?

The symbol of the Whig party is the owl, because they thought the owl was very wise and smart.