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Who was Leon Czolgosz?


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He was an anarchist who lived for 28 years. He also killed William McKinley on September 14th 1901 and Leon Czolgosz was executed by the electric chair on October 29 1901
A man of that name whose first name was Leon, was the assasin of President McKinley.


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Leon Czolgosz was executed on October 29, 1901

Leon Czolgosz was the anarchist who assassinated President William it true?

Leon Czolgosz was born on January 1, 1873, in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Leon Czolgosz died on October 29, 1901, in Auburn Prison, New York, USA of execution by electric chair.

Leon Czolgosz assassinated President William McKinley because as an anarchist, Czolgosz saw the president as a form of oppression. He found it his duty to kill the president and free the people of the country from his oppression.

Leon Czolgosz, Polish anarchist.

Leon Czolgosz was the assassin of President William McKinley. He was found guilty by a Buffalo, New York jury and was later executed by electrocution on October 29, 1901.

His last name is pronounced "Cho-gus."

Leon Frank Czolgosz was his name.

Czolgosz shot McKinley on September 6,1901. McKinley survived until September 14.

Leon Czolgosz was an anarchist who believed that social system in USA was based on injustice which allowed rich to get richer and get influential. He blamed the political structure for this and assassinated president McKinley.

William McKinley on September 14th 1901

He was electrocuted at Auburn State Prison, Auburn, NY.

Yes, he was assassinated by a young man named Leon Czolgosz.

1901 by Leon Frank Czolgosz with a .32 pistol.

Leon Czolgosz was communist but also an extremist. Other communists in America felt like he wasn't a true communist because he was so out there and radical. To prove he was with/ not against communism, he shot William Mckinley.

President William McKinley was shot by anarchist Leon Frank Czolgosz.

Because he didn't believe in government officials.

The assassin was an anarchist named Leon Czolgosz (pronounced like "CHOL-gosh").

He was shot by Leon Czolgosz in Buffalo, NY on September 6, 1901

He was electrocuted after a short trial. I think I read that his body was dissolved in acid afterward.

McKinley was shot twice by anarchist Leon Czolgosz on September 6, 1901.

Czolgosz was an anarchist. He subscribed to an international movement that arose around the beginning of the 20th century. Anarchists believed that all government was repressive and should be eliminated. Czolgosz thought he was making the world a better place by striking his blow against government. See the related link for more information about the anarchists. -He believed the President was too pro-business. Czolgosz believed that McKinley misused his power. Czolgosz believed that McKinley was corrupt.

Leon Czolgosz shot President McKinley on September 6, 1901 in Buffalo, New York.

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