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Mary Mackillop was the first canonized saint of Australia. She was canonized on October 17, 2010. She founded a religious order of nuns to teach in schools she built for the needy children who could otherwise not get an education.

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Why was Mary Mackillop known as Mary Mackillop of the Cross?

That is the name Mary Mackillop chose when she became a nun.

Was Mary MacKillop a Catholic?

Yes, Mary MacKillop was a Catholic.

Who was the husband of Mary MacKillop?

Mary MacKillop was never married.

How is Mary Mackillop referred to?

She is referred to as Saint Mary Mackillop.

Where did Mary Mackillop work?

Mary mackillop was working in fitzroy Perth

What are the differences between Mother Mary and Mary Mackillop?

Mother Mary is Jesus's mother and Mary is Mary Mackillop

When was Mary MacKillop born?

Mary Mackillop was born January 15, 1842.

How many siblings did Mary mackillop have?

Mary Mackillop had seven brothers and sisters

When was Mary MacKillop College created?

Mary MacKillop College was created in 1991.

What year was Mary MacKillop excomunicated?

Mary Mackillop was excommunicated on the 22nd of September in 1871.

When did Mary Mackillop become a nun?

Mary Mackillop became a nun when she was 44 in 1867

Where did Mary mackillop go to school?

Mary MacKillop went to various private schools?

Did Mary MacKillop herself ever get married?

Mary MacKillop was a nun, and therefore did not marry.

In what country did Mary MacKillop die?

Mary Mackillop died in Sidney, Australia.

Does Mary Mackillop have a feast day?

August 8 is the feast day of Mary Mackillop.

What is Mary MacKillop College's motto?

Mary MacKillop College's motto is 'Called to Life'.

Did Mary Mackillops father Alexender Mackillop teach her to write?

Yes. Mr Mackillop did teach Mary Mackillop to write be then he left.

When did Mary Mackillop become a saint?

Mary Mackillop was announced a saint on October 17, 2010!

Did Mary Mackillop have children?

No, Mary Mackillop was a sister and never married nor did she have any children.

When was Mary Mackillop born and where?

Mary Mackillop was born January 15,1842 then died august 8,1909

Where did Mary Mackillop teach as a young woman?

Mary Mackillop was a teacher in Melbourne and Portland, Australia.

When did Mary Mackillop arrive in Australia?

Mary Mackillop was born in Australia on January 15, 1842.

Which bishop excommincated Mary Mackillop?

Bishop Sheil excommunicated Mary MacKillop but lifted it on his deathbed.

When was Blessed Mary MacKillop born?

Blessed Mary MacKillop was born on January 15, 1842.

Why did Mary Mackillop come to Australia?

Mary Mackillop was born in Australia. Her parents were from Scotland, however.

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