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she was a feminist and suffragist, she was one of the women that fought for the right to vote, she was born in portland on the 13th of April 1869. she also became the first women in the united empire to stand for an international election, she received 5% of the ballots but was unable to secure a seat. hope this helps:)

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Q: Who was Vida Goldstein?
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What did Vida Goldstein do?

Vida Goldstein helped make Australia allow women to vote.

Where did vida goldstein die?

Vida Goldstein died in 1949, in South Yarra, she was 80 years old.

When was Vida Goldstein born?

Birth:13 April 1869 at Portland, Victoria

What did Vida goldstein do to help Australian democracy?

by standing up 4 herself thats not all of it

How has Vida Goldstein changed Australia?

visit this website for some exceptional information :P

Was Vida Goldstein married?

No, she never married. She lived from 1869 to 1949 and spent her later years living with her sisters Aileen (unmarried) and Elsie (a widow).

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