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Alexis de Tocqueville

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Q: Who was a French political scientist who wrote about American political culture in the early 19th century?
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How can the American political culture be described?


What holds the American democracy together?

Political Culture

What is on of the commonly held ideals of American political culture?


What English group did the most to reshape Native American society and culture in the seventeenth century?

The English group that had the most influence on reshaping Native American society and culture in the seventeenth century were the Puritans who settled in New England. They brought their own religious beliefs, agricultural practices, and political systems, which had a significant impact on Native American communities. This led to changes in social structures, land ownership, and religious practices among Native American tribes in the region.

On What does the American political culture place little value?

equality of opportunity

According to the authors no value in the American political culture is more revered than?


What did shifting patterns of 18th century colonial trade help to do?

"anglicize" American culture.

Would be considered a customary (not in the Constitution) part of American political culture?

freedom of speech and press

What is the importance of political culture to democracy?

relevancy of political culture

What kind of shape did roman culture have on American culture?

Roman culture influenced American culture through its architecture, literate and laws. The Neoclassical architecture and sculpture (18th to early 20th century) was based on Roman architecture. Roma literature influenced western literature and the American elites until the 20th century. Modern law has been influenced by Roman law. There was also an interest in Roman history and mythology

Did green day have a political message?

yes green days political message was anti-war and to get rid of president bush and the American redneck culture...

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liberty, individual responsibility, equality, democracy, and civic duty