Who was a Muslim ruler who mandated religious and cultural toleration?

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Many of the caliphs of the Fatimid dynasty were considered tolerant towards other religions and sects of Islam.

In general, tolerance is not something which "mandates" well; at best, one can lead by example and try to rule justly. It is, sadly, far easier to whip up INtolerance.
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What is religious toleration?

It is when different religions allow followers of other religions to follow their spiritual beliefs without being discriminated against. Hope this helps!

What colonies had religious tolerance?

Rhode Island was tolerant for all religion's . Georgia was tolerant for all religions (except Jew's . Virginia was tolerant for all but Christian's . south Carolina was tolerant for all religions

What is religious tolerance?

Exactly what it says; tolerance of religion. It means that a person with religious beliefs can accept another person with their different religious beliefs.

Egypt's practice religious tolerance?

Generally speaking, Egypt does observe religious freedom. However, there may be extremists who do not tolerate other religions.

What is cultural tolerance?

A disposition to allow freedom of choice and behavior, no matter what the color or creed of other people is.

Was there religious toleration in colonial Massachusetts?

I believe that there was some Religious toleration in Colonial Massachusetts. Firstly, one must engage in the definition of tolerance and toleration. Tolerance and toleration is often misunderstood between liberal legacy and impeded efforts to improve upon it. This term, "toleration", is really a se ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of religious tolerance?

Included in any definition of religious tolerance are the relevantactions that many would see as a reasonable accompaniment of suchtolerance. Such things as not attacking, harassing, insulting,abusing, or putting down those of other beliefs would normally beincluded in such a practical working defin ( Full Answer )

Why were Muslim rulers in India tolerant of Hindus?

Muslim rulers were never tolerant to Hindus. Most of them are famous for their Temple destruction activity. They have written their "Idol Breaking" activity with pride in their chronicles. All of them imposed "Jizya Tax" on Hindus. The Hindu Officials were often charged with false charges and forced ( Full Answer )

Is Hinduism religiously tolerant?

Of course Hinduism is religiously tolerant. It is like any other religion and has been going on for millions and millions for years. This question isn't a very fair question and shouldn't be asked because it can be offensive to Hinduism religion.☺

How did Akbar show religious tolerance?

Akbar was a very tolerant ruler. He married 2 Hindus, 1 Christian, and 1 Muslim. He had a Spanish Jesuit tutor his son, and he even abolished a tax on non-Muslims. He created a bureaucracy in which Hindus and Muslims could serve, and granted Hindus and Muslims land grants in exchange for loyalty. H ( Full Answer )

How did Christian and Muslim rulers deal with religious minorities?

Religious minorities in Christian countries were generally persecuted. Once Christianity becamed the state religion of the Roman Empire, public worship of the pagan gods was banned and their temples were expropriated. Even minority Christian groups were banned. For example, the Albigensian Crusade w ( Full Answer )

Did Aztecs have religious tolerance?

yes they did they didnt care about the conquered tribes religionbecause they where gonna kill them as human sacrifices to theirGods anyway

Were Muslim rulers in India tolerant of Hindus?

The early Muslim rulers in India were fiercely intolerant of a faith that they saw as idolatory, destroying temples and forcing believers to convert. During the time of Akbar, this was changing. He was respectful of all faiths, became a vegetarian so as not to offend the Hindus and built Hindu temp ( Full Answer )

How did Muslims show religious tolerance?

Muslims all over the world highly respect the people of otherreligions. They have always been doing so as it is a clear commandfrom Allah to all mankind to stay united and humble regardless ofour differences other wise the whole world will end up in a chaos.Even during the times of emperors and king ( Full Answer )

Which Mughal ruler pursued a policy of religious tolerance?

History says that Akbar pursued the policy of religious tolerance. He not only abolished jaziya..(a form of tax which non Muslims had to pay.. while Muslims payed zakat..) but also had non Muslim wives's was so obsessed with religions that he founded a new religion called Deen-e-Ilahi and declared h ( Full Answer )

Is religious toleration a governing system?

religious systems came only because to make humans to go in right path and making humans to fear that they may be getting punishments in the hell when they are doing to others. but nowadays people talks about religion and also doing ill. so religious toleration does not seems to be a governing syste ( Full Answer )

Did cromwell rule with religious toleration?

Yes, if "toleration" is the word you are meaning to use. He granted more liberal policies toward non-Anglicans than at any other time in British history. But they were only short-lived. By 1673 Catholics were barred from taking office via the Test Act of 1673. See: Andrew R. Murphy. Conscience and ( Full Answer )

What does religious toleration mea n?

Religious toleration means that a member or members of one religion or religious denomination accept that another one has the right to exist and practise. The more common expression is religious intolerance which has the opposite meaning.

Why is religious tolerance important?

Well, for one you'd be persecuted for religious beliefs if they were agains the King, Queen, Emperor, or President's idea of relegion. Second, U.S. history is based off of escaping resigious intollerance and religious persecution. The Puritans, a group of strong religious people, (aka "pilgrams") ( Full Answer )

Why religious tolerance in the colonies is important?

Well, for one you'd be persecuted for religious beliefs if theywere agains the King, Queen, Emperor, or President's idea ofrelegion. Second, U.S. history is based off of escaping resigiousintollerance and religious persecution. The Puritans, a group ofstrong religious people, (aka "pilgrams") came ( Full Answer )

Why can it be said that akbar was a tolerant ruler?

Because he never did any kind of discrimanation between his people or religions. He even removed Jazia which was a tax paid by the hindus for pilgrimages. Many trees were planted and wells were dug out for the welfare of the people.He didnot even forced Jodhabai her wife to convert from Hindu to Mus ( Full Answer )

What does the Quran say about religious tolerance?

Religious tolerance in Islam Forced conversion to a religion is forbidden in quran "There shall be no compulsion in religion: the right way is now distinct from the wrong way. Anyone who denounces the devil and believes in GOD has grasped the strongest bond; one that never breaks. GOD is He ( Full Answer )

Why did religious toleration increase?

because a new religion was made so now theres probley going to be world war 3 ANSWER: Religious toleration increases when people become more educated and when they are exposed to other cultures and foreign ideas. In the United States, religious toleration increased when people of various faiths ( Full Answer )

Why do you think ottoman and safavid rulers allowed some religious toleration?

They allowed some religious toleration NOT because they believed it was the right thing to do. They had toleration because it was in the interest of their empire. Having religious toleration allowed the lands they conquered to be less driven revolt and not be dreading there conquer. This allowed les ( Full Answer )

What part of speech is religious tolerance?

Traditionally, the phrase "religious tolerance" would not be considered a single part of speech. Instead, "religious" would be considered an adjective modifying the noun "tolerance".

How did Mohammed view religious tolerance?

Answer 1 Prophet Muhammad calls for religious tolerance and for no compulsion in religion. Answer 2 Mohammed made explicit calls to treat people of other monotheistic faiths as brothers and sisters in religion. The most famous is the hadith where he asked Christians and Jews to pray alongside ( Full Answer )

Did Pennsylvania have religious tolerance?

Pennsylvania was settled by the Quakers. Quakers are known for their pacifistic views. The city Philidelphia is called the "city of brotherly love" I don't know exactly how the religion in Pennsylvania differenciated, but if there were others who believed differently, there was never any fighting b ( Full Answer )

Why did the middle colonies have more tolerance for religious and cultural differences than New England colonies?

This was because the New England colonies were comprised ofPuritans and Separatists. The Puritans wanted to reform the church,while the Separatists wanted to break away from the church and setup their own churches. In the Middle Colonies were the people called the Quakers. Thesepeople are/were ve ( Full Answer )

How did rulers earn the mandate of heaven?

It is through the belief of the afterlife. Which is as evolution, it is said that a person goes through existence as lower social forms to one day after centuries be born a king and then move to heaven. It also talks of the cyclic movement of evolution, you need to do good to progress, but a king w ( Full Answer )

Why is there a need for religious tolerance?

Well; if there was no religious tolerance then there would be constant world war, so in most countries, all religions are tolerated and coexist peacefully. Seeing as in most countries, religion has crept in secretly, the government has been forced to tolerate other religions or else face rebellion.

What is religious tolerance and which colonies had the most religious tolerance?

Religious tolerance is the acceptance of people of varying religious faiths without persecution or discrimination based on having those different beliefs. As concerns the Thirteen American Colonies, the most tolerant colony was likely Rhode Island which was founded on such a principle. Pennsylvan ( Full Answer )

Why are Christians such bullies and where is there religious tolerance?

There are many branches of Christianity so a blanket question cannot be answered. Some Christians have a fuller, more interactive daily life with the Scripture and are continually growing in the Word. These would not bully anyone. Of course, the term 'bully' is relative.

What religious tolerance?

Religious tolerance means that you don't mind it if other people have different religions than your own - and that you don't discriminate against them on the basis of their religious beliefs, or even kill them.

Is religious toleration a noun?

The word 'religious' is an adjective describingthe common noun 'toleration', forming the nounphrase 'religious toleration'.

Why did Cyrus practice religious tolerance?

Leaving religious customs out of government dictum was both naturaland sensible avoidance of unnecessary strife. He recognised thatthe various gods were all the same, just with different names. TheRomans followed the same practice until a rabidly religiousChristian emperor in 394 CE banned other rel ( Full Answer )

What are the sign of religious tolerance in the country?

1) existence of the buildings in the same areas like mosques andchurches 2) existence of different people's with different religious in thesame regions / areas like hinduism, islamic, christian and others 3) existence of political parties with mixed with the differentpeople with different beliefs sy ( Full Answer )