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Christopher Marlowe

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Q: Who was shakespeare most known contemporaries?
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Who were Shakespeare's most well known contemporaries?

Christopher Marlowe

What is one contemporary who lived in the same time as shakespeare?

All of Shakespeare's contemporaries lived at the same time he did. That's what contemporary means. Rene Descartes was one of Shakespeare's contemporaries.

Shakespeare is referred to an animal what animal is it?

Shakespeare was referred to by his contemporaries as "The Swan of Avon".

Who were Shakespeare's contemporaries?

Some of Shakespeare's contemporaries were the following:Thomas KydChristopher MarloweBen JonsonFrancis BeaumontJohn FletcherThese were all significant figures of Shakespeare's age who composed works that are still popular today.

Ambrose Bierce was known as Beautiful Bierce to his contemporaries?

No, he was known as Bitter Bierce to his contemporaries

What does Shakespeare's contemporary mean?

Shakespeare's contemporaries are people who lived at the same time as Shakespeare or people who were the same age as the author.

Who are some of the contemporaries of William Shakespeare?

The following are some of the contemporaries of William Shakespeare; Philip Henslowe, Richard Burbage, William Kempe, John Heminges, Edward Alleyn, and Edmund Tilney.

are the moors from Africa?

Yes, the Moors Shakespeare and contemporaries wrote about were Africans

How are ned alleyn and Shakespeare different?

Shakespeare was a writer. Alleyn was not. Alleyn was, however, a much better actor than Shakespeare in the view of their contemporaries.

English monarch whose name is used to label the dramas written by shakespeare and his contemporaries shakespeare?

Francis Bacon.

One of the main reasons why Shakespeare stands out from his contemporaries and predecessors is that his were complex?

Shakespeare's complex characters made him stand out.

John Milton and William Shakespeare were contemporaries?

No. They were not contemporaries. Shakespeare was baptized as an infant in 1574 & died in 1616. Milton was born in 1608 (only 8 years before Shakespear's death) & died in 1674.

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