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Actually, it was Howard Hill. The real problem is that the elephant was first shot in the knee with a rifle so that it couldn't escape. Not exactly "fair chase". Bob Swinehart is also rumored to have done the same when he took his elephant.

The first white person to take an elephant solely by using traditional Archery tackle, without resorting to shenanigans like kneecapping with a rifle, is Bill Negley. He used a 100+ lb recurve built specially for the task by Fred Bear. He is also the first to have taken the "Big Five" by fair chase rules.

I have heard this " RUMOR" many times , simply that , Howard Hill and Bob Swinehart both Took their kills cleanly and without " Knee Capping" which was a nasty rumor tossed around by elitist archers that were trying to tarnish the good name of two fine Hunters that took the BigFive before anyone else .

That Said This has been done Several times since , with PH standing by just in case .

I shoot 125# - 200# longbows that will Rip through Hippo, Rhino, Elephants like butter , I just refuse to hunt Cats

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Q: Who was the first white-man to shoot an elephant with a 115 longbow with a 1700 grain broad-head?
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