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Who was the founding members of the Anglican Church?


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October 10, 2010 3:49PM

Anglican Catholic Answer! Not being there it will be hard to say, especially as it was nearly two thousand years ago,but the Archbishop of Tyre claimed that S. Simon Zelotes brought the Faith to Britain and that S.Aristobulos, was the First Bishop.

S.Simon was the brother of Christ and the Orthodox Martyrology suggests that he suffered death here in our green and pleasant land.

Aristobulos, was brother to S.Mathius and he was sent as Bishop to the Catholic Church here in Britain. He too suffered for the faith when his time came!


King Henry VIII requested that Pope permit him to divorce his wife and marry his mistress. The Pope refused and Henry married his mistress anyway and renounced Catholicism. He removed England from the Pope's control, seized many of the Church's assets and declared himself to be the head of the Church. Henry's repudiation of papal authority led to the Church of England's existence as a separate entity: a new branch of the Christian Church that was neither Catholic nor Protestant but a hybrid that became known as the Anglican Church or the Church of England. It became official in 1536. Henry funded the first printing of the Bible in English to spite the Pope.