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Who was the last NASA Astronaut to fly solo in orbit? Gordon Cooper was the last astronaut to be launched solo on a rocket from earth into earth orbit on the mission Mercury Atlas (MA)-9 in 1963. He flew the last Mercury spacecraft to be placed in orbit, named "Faith 7". David Scott was the last astronaut to fly solo in Earth orbit on Apollo 9 in 1969. He flew the Command/Service Module named "Gumdrop". Ronald Evans was the last astronaut to fly solo in lunar orbit on Apollo 17 in 1972. He flew the Command/Service Module named "America". All subsequent orbital spaceflights have carried at least two astronauts (10 Gemini missions, first four Space Shuttle missions). A commercial rocket/spacecraft, Spaceship 1, was flown to the edge of space, an altitude of 112 km (60 miles) and zero velocity, and did not fly in orbit, by pilot Brian Binnie, in 2004.

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Q: Who was the last American to fly solo space?
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Who was the last man to fly solo in space?

Gordon cooper

Who was the last American to fly solo into space?

David Scott. He was also 7th person to walk on the moon and the 1st to drive on the moon.

Who was the last cosmonaut to fly to mir on an American space shuttle?

Valery V Ryumin was the ninth and final Russian cosmonaut to fly to Mir on an American Space Shuttle. He flew on STS-91.

Who was the second American to go into space?

The second American to fly into space was Gus Grissom. He was also the first American to make a second trip into space.

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Most major American jetliners do fly into Russian air space.

Who was the first man to fly solo in Australia?

It was Steve Fosset that flew across the world solo and to fly in Australia solo.

Why did Charles Lindbergh become an American Idol?

Lindbergh became an American idol because he was the first to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean

What did Guy Bluford do?

he was the first African American to fly in space

Which shuttle will fly the last mission?

Space Shuttle Discovery.

Which was the last astronaut to fly alone in space?

ron Brian Binnie.

First woman to fly across English Channel?

American aviatrix Harriet Quimby was the first woman to fly the Channel solo. She did this in a Bleriot monoplane in April 1912.

Who was the first American pilot to accomplish a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean?

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