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Who was the main general for the Confederacy?

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Robert E. Lee
There was no position of General-in-Chief until January 1865 (too late to make any difference), when it was given to Robert E. Lee.

Before that, the Confederate president Jefferson Davis had tried to perform this function.

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Robert E. Lee was the main general for the Confederacy as Ulysses S. Grant was for the Union.

Robert E. Lee was the main military leader of the Confederacy during Civil War. He was the general for most of the CW times.

He was the general for the Confederacy.

No, Robbert E. Lee was not the main general of the Union Army. The main general for the Union was Ulysses S. Grant. Lee wasn't in the Union army at all. He was a head general of the Confederacy though. Hope it helps!

Union - Ulysses S. GrantConfederacy - Robert E. Lee

No, Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederacy. General Lee was the military Commander.

The most important man to the Confederacy is the general.

The confederacy never surrendered, General Lee the general of the army of Northern Virgina surrendered his portion of the army at Appomattox.

Confederacy. Lee's most trusted subordinate general.

question: Who made the 4th confederacy flag? Answer: general Beauregard.

The two best generals of the confederacy had to be general Robert edward lee and general stonewall jackson.

Confederacy lost General Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson at the battle of Chancellorsville.

The Confederacy (the South) and the Union (the North).The commanders were General Robert Edward Lee, who was on the side of the Confederacy, the enemy, andGeneral George Gordon Meade, who was on the Union's side, or the 'good guys'.For a bit more information, the Confederacy supported slavery while the opposing army, the Union, didn't. The Union wanted a free country and wanted to outlaw slavery and the Confederacy thought differently. They supported slavery and you know what? That's the main reason why they battled.

He was the military commander of the Confederacy

He was the general of the Confederacy.

General Lee (Confederacy) General Mead (Union)

General Lee was the commander of the Confederate army

General Robert E Lee of the Confederacy

Robert E. Lee, assisted by Stonewall Jackson, and James Longstreet.

Unlike the Federal Union, the Confederacy had no General in Chief commanding all of its armies until February, 1865 when Robert E. Lee was appointed to that position.

At the end of the war, the Union Army was led by General Ulysses H. Grant. The Confederacy was being led by General Robert E. Lee.

Their President, Jefferson Davis.

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