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Robert E. Lee
There was no position of General-in-Chief until January 1865 (too late to make any difference), when it was given to Robert E. Lee.

Before that, the Confederate president Jefferson Davis had tried to perform this function.

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Q: Who was the main general for the Confederacy?
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What was the main purpose of General sherman's march across Georgia?

divide the confederacy

What was Robert e lees role in the civil war?

He was the general for the Confederacy.

Who were the main union and confederate general during the civil war?

Robert E. Lee was the main general for the Confederacy as Ulysses S. Grant was for the Union.

Who was the main military leader of the confederacy during the civil war?

Robert E. Lee was the main military leader of the Confederacy during Civil War. He was the general for most of the CW times.

Was Robert E Lee the main general for the Union?

No, Robbert E. Lee was not the main general of the Union Army. The main general for the Union was Ulysses S. Grant. Lee wasn't in the Union army at all. He was a head general of the Confederacy though. Hope it helps!

Was General Robert E. Lee confederacy or union?


Who was the most important man to the Confederacy?

The most important man to the Confederacy is the general.

Was general Robert e lee the leader of the confederacy?

No, Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederacy. General Lee was the military Commander.

Who was the lead general of the confederacy?

General Robert E. Lee.

Where did the Confederacy surrender?

The confederacy never surrendered, General Lee the general of the army of Northern Virgina surrendered his portion of the army at Appomattox.

Was stonewall Jackson in the confederacy or union?

Confederacy. Lee's most trusted subordinate general.

Who made the 4 confederacy flag?

question: Who made the 4th confederacy flag? Answer: general Beauregard.

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