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The Columbia name was used by several manufacturers. Other markings could narrow it down, but the most likely makers are WH Davenport, Harrington and Richardson, and Hopkins and Allen. It's unlikely that the nickel was put in the stock by the manufacturer. If it was made by any of those I mentioned, it will be nickle (or bright, unblued steel), as stainless steel wasn't available in the time period it would have been manufactured.

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Is yhis True a blued barrel is easier to cut down successfully than a stainless barrel?

Stainless is harder.

How about ar 15 stainless barrel rifle?

No real advantage to it.

What is the price of a 357 magnum made between 1971 and 1982?

You've left too many variables out of the question... Who is the manufacturer? What is the model number? How long is the barrel? What is the finish (Stainless, Blued, Nickel)? And, of course, what condition is it in?

Where on a hand gun is the manufacturer name?

On the frame and or barrel

What is the palenque in Columbia made of?

RossOkler (barrel)

What is a Ruger single six stainless 9.5 inch barrel worth?

I don't know, is it just the barrel or the whole gun? I'd buy just a barrel

Is there an aftermarket bull barrel or heavy barrel for the Remington 597?

Do a search for Jarvis. They make a bull barrel for the $597, it runs $198 in either blued or stainless.

What year Remington 22 rifle loaded through stock and had chrome on it with stainless steel barrel?

the only one I know of is the model 66. Has plastic stock and it covers part of the barrel. The older autoloaders, had no stainless.

What is a Taurus 22 stainless 5 barrel worth?

75-200 USD

Where is the model number of a Smith and Wesson 357 mag snub 2 in stainless barrel?

Look on frame inside the cylinder area to find the model number of a Smith and Wesson 357 mag snub 2 in stainless barrel

What is THE age OF manufacturer of a double barrel shotgun serial e11745?

That is impossible to determine without knowing the manufacturer and model of the shotgun.

What is the value of a Winchester model 54 stainless steel barrel?

2nd sep 1949

Need a manufacturer name for a double barrel underlever shotgun with elg stamped on barrel?

thomas jackson of london england

What is the age of a single barrel shotgun with only the word 'Columbia' on it?

Made before World War I.

Value of a rossi 32 caliber stainless with 4 inch barrel?

10-250 usd

Advantage of nickel not stainless vs blued steel rifle barrel?

Resists rust better.

What is a ruger 2245 pistol with stainless 4 bull barrel worth?

100-200 USD

What is the value of a Taurus brasil 357 magnum stainless steel with 6inch barrel?

300 or so

What is the value of a stainless ruger mk2 10.5 inch bull barrel pistol?


What is value of 3 barrel stainless colt python 357 magnum?

300-3000 usd

What is a strumand ruger 44 magnum stainless 10 barrel super blackhawk worth.?

Storm ruger 44 magnum 10 inch barrel What is it worth

Value of a S and W 44 magnum 7.5 inch inch barrel stainless?

I believe a stand barrel for the S&W model 29 is 6.5 inches. Perhaps someone changed your barrel ????

Where can you find information about a 1939 Model 97 with a stainless steel barrel?

Please list EXACTLY how the barrel is marked, and if possible send a digital picture.

Model Thirteen SW 357 magnum 6 inch heavy barrel MP?

Stainless steel.

What is a stainless model 661 357 smith with a 6inch barrel worth in excellent condition?