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Pope Innocent III was pope from 1198 to 1216.

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Q: Who was the powerful medieval pope in 1198-1216?
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Who was the most powerful Medieval pope?

Pope Innocent III was the most powerful pope of Medieval times.

What medieval pope was the most powerful?

Innocent III was the most powerful pope

The most powerful medieval pope was?

Pope Innocent the third.

Who were the most powerful people in medieval Europe higher in class than the noble lords were members of the what?

The pope was the most powerful man in medieval Europe.

What power did medieval popes have?

pope innocent the 3rd was considered the most powerful person in Europe at the time

Who was the most powerful person in Medieval times?

Holy Roman Emperor and the Pope.

Who was more powerful in medieval time kings or pope?

pope, they had the choice of whether the king should have throne or not. in general the Church was in charge then came the king.

Why was the pope a powerful figure in Medieval Europe?

The Pope was a powerful figure because of the position he held. The Roman Catholic Church was thought of as controlling you for all eternity, so you would want to respect its leader!

Who is more powerful a pope or a king?

the pope

Who was the head of a medieval church?


Why was the pope the most powerful person in the middle ages?

The pope was so powerful because he is and was head of the catholic church. In medieval times, everybody in England was Christian or beheaded. everybody had to give 10% of what they produced to the church too. He was given some of that. The church also sold "pardons" and the profits... guess... went to the pope.

Who was the most powerful person in the church in medieval times?

In the Early Middle Ages, and in the rest of the middle ages in the West, the Pope was most powerful. In the later middle ages in the East, it was the Patriarch of Constantinople.

Who was the most powerful figure in medieval Europe?

The one most powerful individual in Medieval Europe was Charlemagne.

Who was boss in medieval times?

The King, Pope and some medieval countries had emperors.

How did a pope become a pope in the Medieval times?

he was voted on by the bishops he was the highest bishop

Who ranked highest in the hierarchy of the medieval church?

The Pope

Who was the powerful pope who excommunicated King John of England?

pope innocent III

Who was more powerful - the pope or Henry VIII?

the pope because he found church

How did the Pope get Michelangelo to finish the ceiling after his illness?

The Pope was a very powerful man.

The most powerful priest in rome?

The most powerful priest in Rome is the Pope.

What powerful pope made King John back down?

Pope Innocent III

How do you kill the pope on medieval 2 total war?

Assassanate him

Who was the early medieval church ruled by?

It was Catholic and the Pope was the head.

What was the name of the pope in the medieval Christian church?

There were quite a few

Who was the medieval pope between 1198 and 1216?

Innocent III was pope between the years 1198 and 1216.