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Who was the ruler of the Soviet Union during World War I?

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The Soviet Union didn't exist in World War 1.

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What was the name of the ruler in the Soviet Union?

The ruler of the Soviet Union was Joseph Stalin in 1941.

Who was the Soviet union ruler in 1808?

nobody because the soviet union was not formed until 1917

Russian ruler during the 1920's?

Vladimir Lenin was the leader of the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1924. Joseph Stalin lead the Soviet Union from 1924 to 1953.

Who ruled after Gorbachev?

No one. He was the last ruler of the Soviet Union. The first ruler of the Russian Federation, which is recognized as the successor to the Soviet Union, was Boris Yeltsin.

What is a ruler of the Soviet Union called?

President of the Russian Federation .

Who was czar Nicholas in World War I?

Nicolas was the acting ruler of Russia (czar) during World War 1, however during World War 1, The Soviet Revolution happened and the czar was overthrown and Russia soon pulled out of the war and became neutral. The Soviet Union would form out of it, lasting from 1922-1991.

Last communist ruler of souviet union?

The final leader of the communist soviet union was Mikhail Gorbachev.

Who preceded Russian ruler Stalin?

Vladmir Lenin...the father of the Soviet Union

Who was the Man of steel ruler of the soviet union?

look it up and what was the q look it up

Who was the totarliterian ruler of the communist soviet union?

There were many - Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev etc.

Why did Joseph Stalin get involved in the war?

how was joseph stalin involved in the war

Who was the ruler of the Soviet Union in 1917?

No one was the ruler of the Soviet Union in 1917. The Soviet Union was not created until 1922. In Russia in 1917, however, first Tsar Nicholas II ruled. Then after he was overthrown, the Provisional Government headed by Prince Georgy Lvov and then Alexander Kerensky ruled. Later after the Bolshevik Revolution, Vladimir Lenin controlled the country after overthrowing the Provisional Government.

Germanys ruler during World War I?

Germany's ruler during World War 1 was Wilhelmii.Hope this helped you!

Who was Russias's ruler during World War 2?

Joseph Stalin was Russia's ruler during World War II.

Who was the Russian ruler in the 1930s who organized a totalitarian state?

When Soviet Leader Lenin died in 1924, it was Joseph Stalin who quickly ascended to power, ultimately leading the Soviet Union to a totalitarian state.

When did Stalin invade Poland?

1945 Hitler invaded in 1939 and took over most of Poland, shortly after Stalin, the ruler of the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east and took over eastern Poland under the nonaggression pact signed by the Soviet Union and Germany.

Who was the ruler of Serbia during world war 1?

Ruler was the King of Yugoslavia, Peter I Karadjordjevic.

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